I was beside myself with anger and cried when it dawned on me I couldn’t achieve my goals as the career woman I would have loved to be in the future. Gradually I was being taken away held shoulder high by hands I didn’t even know preventing me from escaping. I looked back to catch … Continue reading MARRIAGE 2


We ignored them by Mama telling me stories about her childhood as we sat by the dying fire and my head lying on her legs with her hands going through my kinky African hair. As the last fire wood chunk in I suggested we go in as it was getting colder without heat and the … Continue reading MARRIAGE 1


The person I created in my head to come save me didn’t come as I was married off when I least expected it. I remember the day of my marriage vividly like it all happened yesterday. I had seen Mr. Kunle talking to dad a few days earlier which he brought with him palm wine … Continue reading SUSPICIONS


I am 12 years old and I know soon old men will start showing interest in me as father is envisioning and I am scared of that fact. I am scared of the fact that I wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy my childhood in peace and educate myself as I want to be a career … Continue reading TOWN 1


My village was located in Navrongo a town in the northern region of Ghana which has a desert like weather; with droughts on dry season, scorching sun and barely rains. The main source of income my village generates from was farming and cattle rearing. The rich and influential are the only ones who could afford … Continue reading TOWN

ME 2

Most men in my society were intimidated by the doctor and said she was cursed not to be married and have children at her age thereby they avoid the hospital even when they are seriously sick since they will be treated by her. My entire village knows is a lady should get married and have … Continue reading ME 2


My name is Naomi as I christened from my local name Enam even against fathers will when I started schooling in the only primary school built by the government in my village. It was the only school with only three classroom blocks and two teachers where we are made to bring our tables and chairs … Continue reading ME


’Isn’t this Mr. Abas? The Shea butter refinery owner in Tumu? I heard a middle age man ask Adaku the know it all man in the village. He replied in affirmative ’yes he is, can’t you see the expensive bride price? Tumu is a long way off from our village which will really be a … Continue reading ELI 1


It is about 5pm in the evening on a Thursday and I had just arrived from the farm with mum after a tiresome day of working under the sun planting new yam heads to wait for the rains. I didn’t get to go to school today so I could help on the farm as it … Continue reading ELI


'So what are you doing here? I asked  crossing my arms over my chest. 'Well I am picking you up' he replied holding the door open for me. I just got in as he shut the door firmly . I didn't know why I couldn't argue with him for picking me up.It was as if … Continue reading CHAPTER 4


‘Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ he said ‘Did you enjoy service today’? he asked smiling like an angel. This boy sure knows how to get on my nerves I thought to myself. My parents were all smiles answering him back. ’we did have a memorable service’ my dad replied . ‘How do you know Katie? … Continue reading CHAPTER 3


I glanced at her with surprise and asked. ‘Are crushing on him? ‘Yeah who wouldn’t’ she replied ‘He has everything I want in a man'. Laura replied as I listened 'He is son of the reverend which means he is prayerful, a librarian which proves his love for books and president to a book club … Continue reading CHAPTER 2


These days Raphael has been on my mind. Raphael who is dead. I  subconsciously ask myself why I remember him every time.  Is it that, I miss him, or maybe my mind keeps wondering how he would have done if he was alive, or just maybe my mind wanders down memory lane to  those days … Continue reading CHAPTER 1


Its that merry time of the season where families come together to show love. Its a season of togetherness and to appreciate friendships and the people we have in our lives. Today,i am not writing about my kinky hair or my therapy travel but to wish each and every reader and follower on my blog … Continue reading SEASON GREETINGS


I remember most times staring at myself in the mirror and not happy at the reflection staring back at me. The stretch marks, the side rolls the kinky African hair the size 8 full-figured body, the huge thighs that rub together and being disgusted at myself simply because the media and society have a standard … Continue reading SELF LOVE


  About five minutes of standing at the car finally her father showed up. She had nothing to talk to him about so the ride was silent and slow. Stuck in traffic for the longest time she will ever imagine, maybe it was due to her anxiousness.  Accra major streets are always crazy during morning … Continue reading CHAPTER 3


The next morning, Ellen was the first to wake up which was surprising. She wanted her dad to drop her off at her old school and pick up her results. she was busting with excitement and anxiousness as she rushed through shower and breakfast and settled in the sofa waiting for her father. When john … Continue reading CHAPTER 2


It has been six months since Ellen has been home waiting for the results of the waec examinations she wrote. The results will decide if she will continue to the senior high school or have to repeat three years of junior high which really will suck. She is confident she wouldn’t have to rewrite as … Continue reading CHAPTER ONE


The youngest wife name is Alice and she was from the next village. She was married off to Mr. Kunle when she was 11 years by her father who used her bride price to renovate their family house and acquire a land which they use for faming to feed her family. She said ’I am … Continue reading ALICE


On getting to the house, which was massive judging from the compound but due to the fog I couldn’t distinguish how many rooms he had or how rich he was. There were his four wives waiting on me. I was brought down swiftly the same way I was picked up and the wives grabbed me … Continue reading THE HOUSE


Three days after he came to me again, for another painful sexual session. I have just recovered from the previous one and I was scared I would be bruised for the second time and I couldn’t handle it. It was a little after midnight when I heard the door open from outside and I knew … Continue reading TORTURE