A weight-loss smoothie

I have been trying to lose weight  around my mid section for as long as i could remember but  i never lose no matter how hard i try or little i try (yeah i have been eating junk food so am guilty). I am not overweight or anything i am average sized but basically uncomfortable with my stomach especially the abdominal area protruding out a little which I hate greatly. i have tried so many things people claim does work but alas only a few did work which i wasn’t impressed with obviously . i remember surfing the internet for new ways of losing stomach fat but they are all those things i have tried which didn’t work. it was funny the number of weight loss  gurus  i followed on Instagram but it was still the same thing they were all doing which made me wonder why it doesnt work for me. basically i gave up and started wearing clothes that wouldn’t show my stomach but inwardly i really wanted to wear that crop top i saw online and those body con dresses to show off my curves  but  my stomach wouldn’t allow me.  it wasn’t  until i stumbled on a YouTube  video  posted by a Jamaican chef when i was looking for ways to style my natural kinky hair which i will write about later.  i always ignore those you-tubers who posts’ this it works in three days recipe’ but i couldn’t skip this one as the headline caught my attention. i decided to listen to what he has to offer and if it was just like the others i will go ahead and skip.  he explained a lot about the ingredients each and every ones nutrient and health benefits which i have heard before but he explained it in a way which made it feel i was hearing it for the first time and i found it odd.  The simple smoothie needed just basic ingredients like cucumber,mint leaves,honey,ginger,Lemon or lime all  blended  together to make a green machine for stomach fat. He explained that drinking  it every morning as your breakfast or before breakfast in a week would  result in some changes in your stomach.i scrolled through the comments and people kept giving it a thumbs up but i don’t believe commenters though as they may mislead you. The next day i decide to give it a try wanting to see changes if it does really work substituting it as my breakfast for a week and  surprisingly it worked. I lost inches around my waist and stomach area. my size 29 waist moved  to a size 26  and i knew  if i continued i would definitely lose more so i decided to post here for everyone to try it too and give feedbacks about how it worked for them. I will appreciate if  you comment with new recipes to try as everything with weight-loss that really works am in.

5 thoughts on “A weight-loss smoothie

  1. I have a very fast metabolism so I’m naturally very skinny. But since my metabolism is so fast it’s hard for me to keep muscle on my body, which in return makes me look… well, anorexic. I’ve always wanted to have abdominal muscles but crunches just weren’t working out for me. I came across this hula hoop on the internet that can be used to exercise and tone your waist and even make it smaller. I started using it last year and I’ve gotten very strong abdominal muscles and I went down two sizes

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    1. i wish i had a fast metabolism like you.then i could slim down and wear all those clothes i want and eat all the junk foods without getting fat. lol. hula hoop is the first time i ever heard of it but will check online .thanks hon for the comment
      you are amazing

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