I remember some years back asking why people would be sad for no apparent reason and be suicidal due to depression. I always thought depression was just a word to cover up sadness and boredom so when a friend of mine at my workplace said she was depressed i kept telling her to get over it which she didn’t like hearing and  told me it made her depressed more but i didn’t care.i thought there was more happiness in the word and one will only be depressed when you want to be till i became depressed consecutively and it was one hell of a place i wouldn’t ever want to be there ever again.                       The cause of my depression is a story for another day and i was constantly sad, get emotionally over little things that didnt even matter. i  was anxious for no particular reason had this heavy feeling in my heart which is unexplainable i felt hopeless and worthless  and later increased to suicidal thoughts cause i felt i wasnt good enough.i lost interest in the things i enjoyed doing and most nights i  find it difficult sleeping staring at the ceiling with my mind in overdrive  thinking about things  i can’t make out.i will snap at  people for no apparent friend was evidently bored  and tired with my mood w and kept saying i wasnt the only one having problems and life is hard  .she  felt like i enjoyed being depressed and made me regret reacting the same way to my previous co-worker  when she was depressed. i shut down my friend as she wasnt helping which made me feel more suicidal as i felt i was was really a hard time and a dark place to be  which makes you feel like you are drowning with no hand to pull you out. then i realised i needed help. i consulted a  psychologist based on the advice i read on the internet and  he was extremely helpful listing down steps for me follow in efforts to  overcome depression and be my happy bubbly self once again.

I stopped isolating myself  which really helped as I met previously depressed  people who i had awesome conversations with to take my mind of my problems .                                     I found one person among them whom i felt i could trust and confined in her about my problems stress and  anxiety. this amazing person gradually helped me to overcome them by knowing the right words to say and being an emotionally pillar i leaned on at my lowest point.

as time went on, I realised boredom sometimes calls for depression which i wanted to avoid so badly and i got my self busy in an active lifestyle than me being always reserved and alone. i set up realistic goals like opening this blog to have a sense of responsibility and obligatory  and to interact and tell people about my experiences as talking about them makes me a stronger person.

Being depressed can be caused by a whole lot of things and its a mental state which should be taken seriously.depression is not a sign of weakness its only a sign that you have remain strong for too long which is exactly in my situation being too strong makes you depressed sometimes. most times you lack the ability  to shut your emotions down which makes you anxious and freak out when there is no reason to freak out. A depressed person needs people who love and accept them at they are and by saying nice words like:

you are not alone….. you are important uplifts the depressed soul and makes one feel needed. other people like I was before who know nothing about depression degrade this victims due to their problems which is not only ignorant but discriminatory,nobody choses sadness. you can’t say things like

you need a hobby, just try a little harder ,snap out of it, pull yourself together, I thought you were stronger than that.those words don’t do shit but instead makes  you even feel more vulnerable and depressed so if you got nothing nice to say apart from that just hand over a tissue and keep mute ,don’t make it worse.

The recovery process is slow by worth it as once you overcome depression you are suddenly  filled with hope and high level of self-esteem. the absolute way I feel can avoid depression is being happy and talking to a trusted person about your problems.sharing your problems makes you feel at peace even if the problem isnt solved.happiness is good for a mind to function properly.

Have you ever been depressed?   How did you overcome it ? Are you still depressed and having suicidal thought?  I want to hear from you.                                                               And those of you who are still depressed and having suicidal thoughts just keep in mind that you are not are stronger than your depression and worth more than those little voices in your head are telling you.

The world needs you ,your family needs you and I need you .


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