In a country where cost of living is high and most parts of the capital city charge services in dollars , sadly there is large percentage of unemployed youth. Youths living in poverty, youth who are depressed and frustrated at how they can’t fend for themselves and couldn’t afford a square meal a day. Even with qualified educational background there are still no jobs. From the junior high graduates to senior high and surprisingly the university graduates with degrees.  A country where the youth have been made to believe that completing education will land you a good paying job that  forces them to go through the hectic and strict educational system only to graduate and be  hit with the reality of joblessness.unemployed graduates in Ghana.jpg

There are little to no available vacancies ,even those positions which are available are passed down to relatives by family members who are already in the company and know of the existing vacancy. Most of this people who land this job through favoritism are often unqualified which generated an infamous statement which goes  ‘being successful in Ghana is about who you know in the high places’. It has created this notion that the poor will continue to be poor. Even with a first class degree isn’t enough to land you a job. ghana strike.jpg

Most recruitment officers obvious of how choked the system is and how unemployment is always on the rise offer females job when they are willing to have sex with them.  Those who are exhausted of job hunting let hem have their way to land a job and those who are chaste don’t allow it only to go rounds in circles jobless and poverty push them to land back in the bed of a smelly recruitment officer to get a job. Most unlucky ladies end up not having a job at all and realize they have been taken for granted by the recruitment officer or sexually exploited. Is not as if landing the job comes with a good salary or incentives. They earn as little as 68$ to 114$ monthly which obviously is little.1480476915-Cyber-crime-on-the-rise-in-Ghana-as.jpg

I remember after senior high when I was so frustrated looking for a job. I manged to land a job through an employment agency who took half my salary  for three months. I was earning 68$ monthly and was living about 8 km away. I had to pick two buses a day to work and my transportation was eating more than half my salary. I was saving nothing but i still wanted to work than be jobless. I bet you this isn’t the salary for an average girl . It’s no wonder most of this girls are exploited with the promise of jobs in the middle east and they end up being trafficked , abused and launched into a modern-day salary. I am also not quiet surprised at the others who have taken to prostitution to raise money. From those who sell sex on the dating apps to those who loiter around  luxury hotel lobbies to met expensive clients just in hopes of hitting the jackpot someday.

How it turns out for most of the unemployed males are predictable. From those who turn to be fraudsters to those who are internet scammers to the thieves. I believe now you will be thinking what the government is doing about it . Well Ghana always had most corrupt government officials who enrich themselves when they get into power but promise jobs when they want they vote of the youth. There have been countles of strikes organised by the youth to draw government attention but nothing.images (1).jpg

Most times i ask myself how i will survive if am to live in Ghana permanently. The high cost of living with the meager 68$  monthly salary is something i try hard not to think about . Like i said Ghana is about who you know and in Ghana the rich have always been the rich and the poor continue to be poor unless you take other dubious means to enrich yourself. Hence majority of talented and industrious youth are crazy about traveling to seek greener pastures. most of them will do anything to leave the country laced with poverty. From those who pass through the deserts to Libya in hopes of crossing to Italy   ,to those who stow away in ships which dock at the harbor, to those who are trafficked ,and those who will do anything as gathering false documents to deceive a visa consular. It’s all heartbreaking that when you realize the struggle is really real down here.

Some who have been able to come from financially sound home are able to set up enterpeurneurship businesses for themselves others who dont have the capital are still left jobless which really is disappointing. I blame the government,the system and the mindset of the black politician which continue to bring the country to its knees.


  1. No surprise. We are always so focused on our country, the USA, Europe, that we have no idea, or we don’t wanna have an idea about places that are in real need of help. People complain that they can’t travel so much because it’s expensive. get into perspective! Be thankful you have a job. Great post about a painful subject

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  2. Such a sorrow situation for those who are unemployed. I really sad for them. I hope the government will help them. that’s why sometimes I cannot accept when europeans say that they don’t like to help assylum and those people migrating in europe who came from african countries.

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    1. yeah sure,but they also want to protect their country. it basically the work of the government to provide jobs for the youth halting this migration and search for greener pastures but corrupt officials will rather enrich themselves sadly. thanks for reading though

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    1. It been like that for ages. Presidents come and go and situation keeps getting worse. if ever it will improve i see no sign of it…….not yet . thanks for reading , i appreciate it.

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  3. Sorry to hear about what happen in Ghana. In the present time it’s hard to become an employee. Not only in Ghana as well as in other areas, one of the most common problems and issues is all about unemployment.

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    1. obviously, unemployment produces negative social vices. hopefully there will be a turn around someday. thanks for reading, i appreciate it.


  4. It reminds me of the Philippines. It is hard to see people suffer when I sit in a first world country with so much opportunity. But I did not know of the struggles of Ghana. It is important to be globally aware of issues.

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