The next morning, Ellen was the first to wake up which was surprising. She wanted her dad to drop her off at her old school and pick up her results. she was busting with excitement and anxiousness as she rushed through shower and breakfast and settled in the sofa waiting for her father. When john caught site of his daughter in the sofa he was shocked. He wondered what had made Ellen wake up that early with excitement written all over her face. Clearly he was clueless about the results being released today when other parents are anxious about their kids gaining admission or not. All he always cared or talked about was how tedious his work was. He walked closer to where Ellen was seated eyes glued on her phone and asked;

Hey young lady, what are you doing up so early?

You want some cash without your mum knowing?

He asked as he thought that was what she wanted which was what she had previously done mostly in the past. But realising she was fully dressed he was thrown into thinking wondering what she wanted.

Oh daddy so you forgot what today is? Ellen asked surprised.

What? Is it, your birthday?  He asked

I thought you already celebrated it last month, how many birthdays do you have? He added.

Shaking her head, you don’t even know when my birthday is? She asked.

Well today is the day my results are in school. She said.

Ohm sorry dear, I have  been over loaded with work and didn’t know.

But I can’t take you there this morning, maybe another time.  He said whilst he tried to walk off.

Another time daddy? Ellen was shocked as she always has been with how her parents behave in matters relating to her.

I am not asking you to take me there; I was just asking you to drop me off at my school.

Gosh you never have time for anything especially concerning me. She said disappointed.

Am sorry dear, its not me, you know how my work is.

Let me finish so I drop you off okay. He said as he walked off.

She wondered what kind of person her daddy was, always making excuses for everything and blaming it on his job. And her mother, always half interested in everything involving her but more interested in sending her friends away. She can’t think of the number of disappointments they have shown her over the years. But she does remember quite a few…

Like when she was about 6 years old and had a recital at school. She was scanning through the crowd hoping to see her parents cheering her on like the other parents did to their children but like always he didn’t show up giving up excuses for his work. It was her mom who was around half uninterested in what she was doing. She was very heart broken that day.

The next was when it was speaking and prize giving day hoping they will turn up, so she takes photographs with them like the other students did with their parents but neither of them turned up. From forgotten birthdays to missed PTAs she had gotten pretty used to it over the years and most times she did things for herself and only asked for bills to cover them. They never felt ashamed or anything just always blaming it on something.

She sighed waiting for her daddy to show up, so he drops her off as excitement was beginning to eat into her. When she saw her daddy coming through she went straight outside to wait by his car. She wanted to so badly know the outcome of her hard work and if she will be able to escape her forgetful and uninterested parents into the life of a boarder.

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