It has been six months since Ellen has been home waiting for the results of the waec examinations she wrote. The results will decide if she will continue to the senior high school or have to repeat three years of junior high which really will suck. She is confident she wouldn’t have to rewrite as she had worked hard toward the exams determined to get high grades and get admission in the school she chose and eventually leave home and live in a boarding house with the other girls she will meet. How fun it will be, leaving home away from her mothers scoldings and her nuisance siblings. Finally she will be able to live life and make friends which will go a long way into the future. How exciting it will be. She had pictured how awesome boarding house will be after hearing it from a friend whose sister had just completed a year earlier. It sounds like adventure and that was what she Ellen was always up for. Just fun and taking adventures her mother had prevented her from having whilst growing up. After six months of waiting, finally tomorrow the results will be released and she couldn’t be more excited than anything. That evening she kept tossing in bed anxious.

Ellen was fifteen year old like most girls who had completed junior high. It always turned out most of them are aged fifteen due to the specific age Ghanaian parents send their children to school. After passing through preschool and eventually high school you will be fifteen by the time you graduate junior high and ready to go to senior high which you will complete by age eighteen then you will start working towards saving money for university. It was as if everything was planned.  And Ellen in particular loved how it was planned where she  knew after high school she will make her own decisions and not by her controlling mum and over protective mum.

She lived in the capital city Accra with her parents and two twin siblings. Her father worked in the commercial bank as a manager whilst her mother was a stay at home mom working online and taking care of her siblings. With her mother being home every day she couldn’t be who she wants or have friends as her eyes followed her everywhere she went and strained the kind of friends that followed her home after school.  Her mother always had something negative to say about her friends. Sometimes she was rude turning them away when they come looking for her. Eventually when her friends have realised how protective her mom were they drew their distance, stopped visiting her and she was exempt from some many fun adventures in the junior high. Her mom seemed happy that she didn’t have friends and always said friends will pressure her into doing something bad. She had looked to her father to speak for her but he never said anything, always passing comments of not interfering in ladies misunderstanding. Her dad on the other hand cared less about everything. Always came home late grumping about how tired he was and how tedious his work is. She has been a loner and living in a residential area where you rarely see anyone outside was hard on her. when finally it was time to chose school after graduating high school, She choose one far away from Accra in the eastern region of Ghana where if she is admitted will have to live in the boarding house away from her mother. Just the thought of it made her happy. She will eventually experience having friends and live life as a young girl and not a loner. She wondered which school will pick her; how it looked like, not that it mattered anyway it was just her ticket to leave this home. With that thought she drifted off to sleep.


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