About five minutes of standing at the car finally her father showed up. She had nothing to talk to him about so the ride was silent and slow. Stuck in traffic for the longest time she will ever imagine, maybe it was due to her anxiousness.  Accra major streets are always crazy during morning on workdays. Long hours of being stuck in traffic that, you have to wake up early to get your destination.  It was the rush hour. That always spoke for how her father was always up early to go to work to avoid the long hours of traffic with drivers who doesn’t follow road rules.  The order of this morning was Honking of  horns by impatient drivers and some who try to be smart by overtaking others. It was really a chaos scene every morning. Ellen wondered how soon there will get to her school as she watched the helpless police officer trying to control the stubborn drivers.

Her dad turned on the radio and it was bustling with radio presenters talking about the results being released. She wondered how her father didn’t know about it. He quickly tuned the radio to another station which really annoyed Ellen as she wanted to know the latest updated about the results being released but her father cared less about it and avoided her gaze which he knew will be staring back at him meanly.  After about forty five minutes of ride they finally arrived at her school, ‘Rising sun junior high’.  She has been schooling here from kindergarten to high school. It was one of the respected schools in Accra as it stipulate to being attended by children from well to do families. Sometimes she wondered if they were well to do as she didn’t understand what well to do sometimes mean.  She always felt there were like any other family living in her neighbourhood. They lived in their three bedroom house in one of the residential area in Accra, and her father was the managing director of the leading bank in Ghana. Her father had his own car so does his mother and they even had a cook and a gate man so well in Ghana it meant they were well to do so she accepted the fact  though she wanted to be seen like any other girl and not privileged.

As her father looked for a safe spot for her to drop off, she was seriously casting looks around hoping to catch sight of some of her classmates. She got sight of Gertrude with a group of her classmates standing in a circle right in front of the school block chatting heartily among them. She couldn’t wait to get off the car and join what they were talking about. Finally her father found a spot and she got off without waving goodbye. She grabbed her bag in hurry as she walked briskly towards her friends who met her with smiley faces. Everybody was excited as she said a heartily hi to them. But all their attention was on Gertrude who seems to be the mother of ‘know it all’ she never liked her but since there were all there for results, she stood with them as they waited for the headmistress to arrive .They have arrived earlier at 7am whilst headmistress always turns up at around 8am so she had to find something to while the time away and sticking with this group was the best option till the other girls turned up or if possible the headmistress.

Gertrude was talking about how she couldn’t wait to open her results slip and find out the school she gained admission into. She commanded a chain of order among the girls who listened whilst she talked. It was rumored her father was the minister in the ruling party and that she was overly rich than anyone schooling there. It was evident with the different cars that dropped her off to school every day, her change of shoes and bags and her trips oversees when they vacated. Everyone wanted to be her friend minus Ellen as she felt she was rude. But today she stood with them and listened as she was bustling with excitement and anxiousness. She listened whilst she bragged about the best schools who will be offering her admission and how boarding house will be awesome.

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