Writing this post I really feel some type of way I cant explain.  I started writing this in the morning and for some reason don’t know how to complete it which is unlikely of me.Obviously i am shocked and a little shaken up by the incident and i do feel stupid or disappointed in myself for making myself fall victim.giphy (17).gif

This is my very first time being robbed or treated that way by someone. Well I guess sometimes i am overly too nice to people and that is an avenue of being taken for granted easily . Well am taking notesgiphy (1).gif

So this is how it turned out, if you had read my previous blog post about me arriving in manila and booking a hostel because I want to meet other people and enjoy my trip as much as i want. In my previous blog posted here A TRAVELING INTROVERT (MANILA) I stated i met a girl in my hostel when i arrived  called Janice who said she was a local precisely a Filipina. She was just so nice to me that i felt instantly at home and tapped myself on my back for booking a hostel. Evidently it felt like i was starting on the right foot in Philipines.  i was likegiphy (15)

Dumb me I should have raised a flag on why a local will live in a hostel with a backpack. She was instantly nice to me the very evening i set my bag down. Frankly having little to no friends i felt happy for her to approach me in such a cheerful manner and wants to be friends with me. Janice told me she was a teacher in thailand and was visiting the capital to renew her teaching incense, the lincense i dint see and i wondered why a teacher will renew her incense in Philipines when you teach in Thailand. is there really something like that really i  am clueless.giphy (14)

That evening, we had a hearty chat where she asked if I had places in  mind to visit of which i said not really and that i will look at my options the next day of which she said  there is this island ,  and that was her hometown from where there are many activities like surfing and snorkeling. She even explained there were rice fields and the volcanoes  which i was excited about as i felt it was really bloggable content . She offered to go with me and i was looking forward to it  as really i didn’t want to go alone.  i felt like i was going to have fun with this girl and she was like ‘i am excited’.

The next day which was a Friday I was going to the mall to buy essentials of which she readily followed me. Happy i was that through my shopping i bought her a matching beach dress we will wear on our impending beach trip the next day.  that evening i took her to dinner and foot the bill. here is a picture of her

she looks really harmless but really this girl had something up her sleeves.

When we returned from dinner that evening she sent me a message on whats app of which she said, she is sorry and that she wouldn’t be able to go to the island with me as the she can’t afford the bus fare and the hotel accommodation. Then I told her i want you to come with me so don’t worry ,you could share my hotel room with me in palawan and i will pay your bus fare.. really i was being overly too nice now that i think of it….giphy (4)

The next morning which was a Saturday we missed the early bus and she said we the last bus was 3pm so I was just relaxing. when it was close to time, i packed my stuff and told her to look after my bag as i was going to take shower as i felt i had a friend in her. i came back didn’t suspect anything, neither did i check my purse and then she called a taxi as we went down to go to bus station. in the taxi she said a cab from hotel will pick us up at bus station and i said by telling her i am on a budget and those hotel cars are expensive and the money in my purse is all i have now. she was quiet afterwards and said her  stomach a few minutes after, she said she cant got to palawan again i was like really? your stomach? wasn’t you the one who was excited why your stomach.Really then i wasn’t thinking anything, she told the driver in Tagalog to drop her in a moving traffic and as she dropped off  the driver just kept driving and asked him we have to wait for her then he said she told me to drop you at hostel. I was really confused on what was going ongiphy (9)

Well I got to the hostel pretty disappointed and confused and opened my purse expecting to pay the driver then i realized my 4200 php was missing from my purse. Then my eyes flew open. I immediately called Janice who i left my bag with earlier and her reply was ‘i am coming my stomach’.

I waited out for her for close to four hours  and finally she turned up, I started bombarding her with questions and all she said was my stomach really hurts now, lets talk tomorrow morning. i kept asking her questions wanting her to deny or even accept responsibility for stealing but she said let me rest we will talk tomorrow. It was late now an i accepted it hoping to confront her this morning.

I woke up this morning to realize she left. Without a trace and blocked me on whats app and calls.giphy (16)

I immediately rushed to reception which  they said she left at midnight, I suspect when i was fast asleep and narrated the incident to reception who told me it was a common thing around and he wanted to warn me earlier.  At this moment i am speechless and dumbfounded, as i was really nice to her and never expected her to pay me back that way. This money in Philippines is really an awful lot and if she needed help she could have asked. giphy (11).gif

Frankly I am sad, not because of the money she took but how i felt i found a friend in her. this travels have really taught me life long lessons i will forever keep with me. one is , not to be overly nice and two is don’t expect people to be nice to you when you are nice to them.

she looked really harmless.. but really looks deceive


Even though I am sad and clueless on whom to trust now here or if i should still open up to this other travelers here, but i wont let it spoil this trip. I just hope she knows the world is round and she should pray i don’t meet her again as definately my African side might show up and it will really be racket.

Have you ever experienced such incident? lety me know in comments down below.

Until then the wolf is sad giphy (13).gif

16 thoughts on “ROBBED IN A HOSTEL( MAKATI)

    1. Dont be mad.. lol it can happen anywhere, i just wanted to relate my experience . And no i aint Filipino, just a traveler visiting Philippines.


  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you! Sadly it’s not uncommon for locals taking advantage of tourists so I’ve just learned to be vigilant and limit my interaction with them as much as possible.

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  2. This is so horrible and sad at the same time. It is sometimes so difficult to see and know what people are upto and what is inside their hearts and minds. Being careful and learning from this incident is all we can do.

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  3. This makes me so mad because the receptionist could have warned you but did not. Also, it is a sad reality that some people resort to these horrible acts because of extreme poverty. I’m sorry you had to go through that experience in our country. Just remember to trust Google more than strangers when in Manila. When you have to ask someone for directions or something, better to ask a security guard, policeman or a uniformed employee of establishments. That girl you met looks like someone who is also a sex worker. Be careful next time, and I hope you travel in the countrysides soon… Take care of yourself and have a safe vacation!

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    1. Your words are so kind and warm. what i got from learning from this is never to trust people fully. i think is a part of my overly too nice attitude that always gets me in trouble. I have happen to meet amazing locals here who have being of tremendous help and genuine in everyway. i guess every country has its bad nuts.

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