I remember most times staring at myself in the mirror and not happy at the reflection staring back at me. The stretch marks, the side rolls the kinky African hair the size 8 full-figured body, the huge thighs that rub together and being disgusted at myself simply because the media and society have a standard … Continue reading SELF LOVE


Ellen woke up late morning reminiscing over how the going to the previous day with her mother went. She had gone through the prospectus during their ride home and was overwhelmed at the things she was supposed to purchase. She would have been jumping up and down excited about her new school if not for … Continue reading CHAPTER 11


  Mrs O’Connor sighed, with all this troubles it all made her sad even with their financially comfortable life. It was really true that money couldn’t buy happiness. It’s always her friend cherry who always told her to stay strong and things would get better. If it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t even have driven … Continue reading CHAPTER 10