'So what are you doing here? I asked  crossing my arms over my chest. 'Well I am picking you up' he replied holding the door open for me. I just got in as he shut the door firmly . I didn't know why I couldn't argue with him for picking me up.It was as if … Continue reading CHAPTER 4


‘Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ he said ‘Did you enjoy service today’? he asked smiling like an angel. This boy sure knows how to get on my nerves I thought to myself. My parents were all smiles answering him back. ’we did have a memorable service’ my dad replied . ‘How do you know Katie? … Continue reading CHAPTER 3


I glanced at her with surprise and asked. ‘Are crushing on him? ‘Yeah who wouldn’t’ she replied ‘He has everything I want in a man'. Laura replied as I listened 'He is son of the reverend which means he is prayerful, a librarian which proves his love for books and president to a book club … Continue reading CHAPTER 2