I glanced at her with surprise and asked.

‘Are crushing on him?

‘Yeah who wouldn’t’ she replied

‘He has everything I want in a man’. Laura replied as I listened

‘He is son of the reverend which means he is prayerful, a librarian which proves his love for books and president to a book club which am the secretary . He even sings and in the law schools only at 23 which means at 30 years he will be living in luxury’. she continued as if she has a tab on the boy.

‘A complete package in my bucket list for husband’.  she said gleefully as she stared in space as if living her perfectly planned future.

I looked at her with mixed reactions of bewilderment and partial anger, the reason for the anger… I wasn’t sure of.

I didn’t expect that to come from her. The Laura I knew was a chaste quite reserved girl who would shut me down when I talk about boys.

I was reply with admiration to Raphael makes me question where the heck I have been over the last year. I no longer know my friends I grew up with and worst of all she are crushing on a boy I dislike.

Her revelations made me dumb throughout the service thinking what else must have changed when I was out of social life paying attention to a job I didn’t love and schooling at the same time.

After church, I walked up to our car, waiting up for my parents, as my then best friend chatted happily with other friends she has made. I realized I have lost out in society and decided to make new friends and know the whats on with my small quiet community.

I eyed Rosie who works as a junior staff in my office and realized she will be a good informant and smiled to myself deciding to befriend her  the next day when I get to the office. My eyes moved towards where my parents were talking to the reverend minister and wondered what they were really talking about which partly annoyed me as the hot summer sun was burning my skin and Icouldn’t wait to get home and have a nap.

I turned facing the street exhausted from standing in the high heels that pinch my toes; That was when I saw Raphael as he walked to me smiling broadly like we were best friends’. I just rolled my eyes at him when we made contact  but he ignored it as always and kept approaching me.

‘Hey Katy’ he said

‘Who forced our dear little Katy to church’

There goes his cheekiness, I thought to myself struggling to keep mute and not answer him.

I wondered how he called my pet name only family members and close friends knew. Which made me reply him angrily,

‘ Who told you am Katy’? I inquired

Before he could reply I spat out another message

‘And I wasn’t forced, I attend here a long time ago, you are the new one here.’!

He burst out laughing which irritated me and I wondered what the other girls saw in him to be attracted. He is cheeky.

Before he could reply my parents whom I hadn’t seen approaching walked up and  Raphael straightened up changing his composure into that sweet charming young man every parent would be happy her daughter hangs out with which made me cuss under my breath

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