‘Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ he said

‘Did you enjoy service today’? he asked smiling like an angel.

This boy sure knows how to get on my nerves I thought to myself. My parents were all smiles answering him back.

’we did have a memorable service’ my dad replied .

‘How do you know Katie? Asked my mum, which wasn’t a surprise to me.

‘We have known each other for a while’ Raphael replied, casting a friendly looks at me with all smiles. I couldn’t take it anymore and just entered the car.

I didn’t want to hear anymore of the awkward conversation going on there .They stood there for a while and all I hear was the occasional laughter. I wondered what they were talking about but I was too proud to get out of the hot car.

On the ride back home, mum seems to be impressed by him. She kept talking about him through the ride maybe to me but truthfully I wasn’t interested in whatever she was saying about Raphael.

‘He has a promising future’ was the last thing I heard of all the many words she was saying about Raphael and I instantly knew the direction mum was going.

She has been asking me for a very long time to bring a boy friend home but I never had any since my high school boyfriend I was going out with for over four years. It ended terribly. Jake and I had different perspective about life after which I was reluctant to enter any relationship.

I instantly figured mum was playing match up as she has always tried doing for me. I should have known she wouldn’t stop once she started and it officially seemed we were dating the days and months that followed.

Mum went out of her way to invite Raphael to family dinner . Likewise his parents inviting me over as if they already talked about it. It felt like we were dating and I was the only one who wasn’t happy about it.

Raphael will sit close to me and try to hold my hands which I find weird most times as we haven’t anything in common. I play along sometimes as I try to be polite especially around his parents.

I have to go to church every week since Raphael will never let me be, calling my phone a night prior and showing up early at my doorstep which I couldn’t say I won’t go. One time I tried, he said he wouldn’t go too.

It became a topic in our close knitted town I was going out with him. Obviously I was an object of hate among the girls. I remember trying to explain to my childhood friend we weren’t actually going out and it was all the parents idea but alas she wouldn’t even believe me.



It was a Friday and I was getting off work looking forward to a long weekend.  After I packed up, I made my way to the bus stop then I picked up the regular face I have grown use to at the car park waving at me. It was Raphael.

What is he doing here? I thought to myself.

Raphael stood by his car calmly as I approached him.  I wondered how he found my workplace, but with my mum…you will never know.   I smiled coyly when I got to him expecting him to give me a reason why he was there.

‘Hi baby, I came to take you home’ he whispered into my ears  as he hugged me ,taking me by surprise. I withdrew quickly from him as I cast looks around the empty car park to see if a coworker might have caught that.

I didn’t want to be the topic for discussion the next week.


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