‘So what are you doing here? I asked  crossing my arms over my chest.

‘Well I am picking you up’ he replied holding the door open for me.

I just got in as he shut the door firmly . I didn’t know why I couldn’t argue with him for picking me up.It was as if my tongue was tied or maybe I liked the idea of him picking me up.

The ride home was quite which I found surprising as Raphael isn’t the quite type.I wondered what could be wrong with him but I didn’t want to ask. After about thirty minutes we arrived at my house and as I was getting ready to get off then he said,

’Katie wait, I have something to tell you’

I was surprised at the emotion in his voice and wondered what he wanted to talk about.

‘Can you give me five minutes of your time to have a talk with you, please?’  He continued this time with no emotion.

I quickly glanced towards my house to see if mum noticed the car parked  and sure enough I caught her looking through the window,then ducking back in. She was familiar with the car.

‘Sure go ahead ’ I replied.

‘You know Katie can we pretend to be dating to make my parents happy?’ Raphael asked to my surprise….

I didn’t expect that from him. I glanced quickly at his face with mixed reactions which was evident on my facial expressions. He must have noticed my bewilderment.

‘I don’t mean a real dating but just pretending to date in their presence’.  He said when I didn’t reply.

‘My parents have been barging me to have a girlfriend but am not into girls’.

That last sentence caught me off guard and made me find the vice I was trying not to speak out.

‘what do you mean not into girls’.  I  asked hoping what I had heard wasn’t right,

‘Ermm I actually mean am not into a relationship with a girl now,’ He replied nervously

I want to concentrate on my law school but my parents keep setting me up on dates  with weird girls am not interested in. When I realized that Sunday you were Mr. smith daughter who is good friends with my father I knew I could do this with you as its obvious you aren’t interested in me which is exactly what I want.

My mind went to its usual thinking mode of why he will want to have a fake relationship and lie to is family he was actually in one. What was that line of him not being into girls, I am certain I heard that pretty clearly.

Please help me out, He said interrupting my thoughts


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