The girls reached up for the drink and opened to have a sip even Ellen opened except Linda who just held the can. She was trying to be cautious, what if she gets them drunk and the housemistress rapes them like she thought. The housemistress noticed the short girls not drinking but knew she will get her in the mood soon. As she sat in the single sofa in front of … Continue reading CHAPTER 45


  ‘Oh madam, we couldn’t have said we will never come, we were just delayed by little things and we are sorry’ Amanda replied as she hurried up to be beside the madam who was leading the way. Like every day the housemistress just looked majestic and she liked it.  She was in simple black … Continue reading CHAPTER 44


If not for the pinch from veronica that stood close to her she wouldn’t have apologised.  ‘I am sorry Linda’ Priscilla said, but sometimes you can be a pain you know, and I don’t like pain as my friend. Priscilla added lamely.  ‘Be nice Priscilla’ Amanda said,   ‘But I was nice’. Priscilla replied.   ‘Leave her alone Amanda, Linda admonished, I understand, I know myself and I know sometimes am a kill joy. It’s my fault and not hers.  Linda … Continue reading CHAPTER 43


Linda felt bad she couldn’t answer Ellen who has always been so kind to her offering a shoulder to lean on when the others are being nasty to her and all. She made it a point to talk to her maybe after she was emotionally stable.   ‘Hey guys, let’s get going it almost the seven pm mark which was scheduled … Continue reading CHAPTER 42


‘Am scared frank she whispered as frank kissed her on her neck. ‘Don’t be baby, everything is just going to be fine, trust me and let live in the moment. And then there was the kiss that makes her crazy as she kissed him back.  ‘Hey guys it’s almost seven pm let’s get ready and go’. The madam should be waiting by now, Amanda said.   ‘But … Continue reading CHAPTER 41