Amanda mother always drew attention to herself wherever they went. She was like the hot mum of every mum Amanda was friends with. Even though she was in her late thirties, she didn’t look a day over twenty five. She even looked like she hadn’t had kids before but she had three grown kids. Owe is to starting childbirth early and eating healthy whilst practicing yoga. Most of the dads whose children were friends with Amanda tried so hardly to be her friend. They were all attracted to her as their wives had let themselves go after child birth; from their big stomachs to their overweight and flabby body. That made most of the mothers hates and not like her but she didn’t care. Today she dressed decently to look like a mother but rather she looked like the super model that could be going for a shoot. That jean with the sneakers and the denim jacket to match her hairs up in a bun and sunglasses with her popping makeup, tattoo on her sleeve and her skin tone was just what was keeping all eyes on her and she knew it.  She does enjoy the attention most times as she worked hard for her body and the glances were like congratulation to her. 

Cherry asked Amanda whilst not taking eyes off her mother,  

‘Is that your mother or sister? Cherry was overwhelmed and surprised at how she looked so young. Her body, her dressing, oh and what she adored so much was the tattoos and flat stomach. She had always wanted to have a tattoo but when she married she dropped all those ideas and desires since then anyone she seems with tattoos she was obsessed with it. This Amanda’s mother was like living the life she envisioned herself to live when she was like in her early twenties. She looks like someone who takes care of her body and she just loved it.  

Amanda had just nodded to her question as she has been getting these kinds of questions from people every time.  

Cherry asked again, how many sisters you have?  

‘I have two, one in the nursing training and another in the university’.  Amanda said. 

The answer even shocked cherry more which made her whisper to her friend 

‘She is such a hot mum; you should hide your husband because she seems like his type’. 

Mrs O’Connor just glared at cherry who immediately knew it was a bad thing to say. Her friend was already having a hard time with her marriage and saying that was a bad move even though she meant it o be a joke. There instantly was a mood change in her friend and she knew it was time they went home. 

Amanda’s mother who had seen Ellen mother with a lady just waved towards them trying to be polite as always even though she knew for some reason Ellen mother didn’t like her.  

‘Hey guys, how are you doing? And they waved back. 

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