Mum can I go with Amanda to help her with her things. Ellen asked innocently 

‘Oh sure, we even are on our way home’. Her mother said we want to reach home early.                 Mrs O’Connor handed out cash to Ellen. ‘This is your pocket money, if you need something you don’t have’. ‘If you run out of money call me’ and be a good girls.  Her  mother said hugged Ellen and cherry hugged her too .Ellen stashed he money in her back pack and held hands with Amanda as they walked towards Amanda’s mother who had then found help from three men who brought out Amanda’s luggage. Ellen turned to see her mother was buckling her seat belt ready to drive away. She wanted to wave but something in her couldn’t let her so she turned away sharply. 

Hey girls, do you like the school just yet? Amanda’s mother asked.                                                               Yeah we do Mrs. Michaels; they said giggling knowing very well she wouldn’t like it.                          ‘You girls should stop calling me that, you make me feel like am fifty’ just call me Jo. Amanda’s mother said. ‘I told you that Amanda she said smiling, why do you want to disgrace me here little missy as she playful grabbed Amanda’s hands. Ellen just stood and watched as Mrs. Michaels’ played with her daughter. They both were so close she wished she was that close with her mother. But she could barely hold a conversation with her mother and with what she said a few minutes ago; concerning making mistakes, what did she mean by that. She wanted to know so badly but she knew her mother wouldn’t tell her no matter how she tried.  

Ellen stood with Amanda as her mother went through to administration and going through formalities. Both of them were surprised all the new students were in different colours of check uniform. Some in blue like them other in red green and yellow. All they cared is they both had the same colour of check uniform. Finally Amanda’s mother was true with everything and gave Amanda her cash for pocket money.  She hugged them both together after which she walked towards her car and zoomed off, Leaving the two to the fate of the school. They just found a spot to sit and wait on what was next having their usual conversations and gossiping about the other new students. 

It was around 4pm when finally the students reporting were over. By then they were so famished with hunger that they felt their stomach growling.  

‘Students gather around near your luggage’s the headmistress said as they all run to gather.  It was then Ellen noticed they were so many. She couldn’t even count. Everyone was pushing someone to find a place to stand as they all have been doing in primary school on first days. She and Amanda just stood at the back comfortable where they were. 

‘As you see your check uniforms are different colours and here in the boarding house it means a lot. Its states the house you are going to join till you graduate and they will be your family. You will compete for the house.  This house you join will make or break you. It includes if you are a debater you debate for them, same as sportsmanship and neatness. You will make your house great or not. The head mistress said as they all listened attentively. 

I want you to divide yourself in the colours of the uniform you are wearing. Blue here, same as red, green and yellow. The head mistress made signs with her hands stating where she wants them to stand. 

Ellen and Amanda were happy they had the same colour of checks which meant they will be in the same house. How awesome. They wanted to scream but they had to contain their excitement in front of the mean looking headmistress. 


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