‘Look at the girl around you; they are your family and sisters here in this school. You have to make strong family with them to make your stay a happy one here’. The headmistress said after they had grouped.                                                                                                                                                                     ‘These are the leaders of your houses she said as she pointed to the four seniors who were standing near the headmistress with their hands behind them’.                                                                              They looked older and were in the violet uniform. ‘They will take you to your various houses and tell you what to do’.’ Have a nice stay and join the best friends’. The headmistress said as she left to enter her office. 

The seniors each went to their house members. The leader of Ellen’s house was like 5ft5. She was so tall and broad. She had this deep voice when she spoke and looked mean or that kind who can give you a hard time. ’You girls will have to carry your luggage yourself; nobody is going to help you unless the new friends you have made here in the hours you have been sitting here.  The prefect of their house said. That information shocked all of them, as the luggage was heavy. Take your mattress and pillows and follow me so I show you your beds then you can come back for your lug gages. Ellen and Amanda picked up the students mattress and pillows as followed their leader who gave her name as Cecilia when she addressed them. They saw the other house members doing same. They passed through the administration area then they saw the school really well. It was really big. Classrooms dining halls to their hostels were spread out on the vast land. It was as if it was a small community of its own. It was all more to take in and Ellen knew she will catch with them as time went on. 

The walk to their dormitories was like two kilometres from administration. The school was so big. Finally they got to their house which was painted blue with the name ‘house Morton’ on it. There were students who looked older precisely the second years and third years. They all looked at them as if looking for the weak ones to pick on. Their dormitories was made up of six rooms two occupied by third years same as two for second and the two empty ones were for them the first years. So were the other houses which were next to them and those opposite them.                                                     

‘Choose any bed you want’. The prefect said. 

It was bunk beds. Ellen and Amanda chose two bunk downs of bunk beds at the far corner of the room. They were talking loudly among themselves as some of the students weren’t comfortable with their beds then Cecilia the house prefect screamed which made all of them shut up.                  ‘This isn’t your home for you to choose the kind of bed you wanted’.                                                                ‘This is the boarding house where everyone is common, if you don’t like the bed sleep on the floor you fools’.  Now Cecilia was being verbally abusive. 

The other third years which have gathered around just cheered at the senior. The other girls just picked up the beds even though they didn’t want it and placed their mattress on it.                                   ‘Now you are given 45 minutes to bring your entire luggage here near where your bed is’. Anyone who is late even within a minute will answer to me’.   The prefect said.                                                                                      They run halter scatter back. Ellen and Amanda were happy they knew each other as they helped each other with the boxes. It was so heavy some of the students were falling town under the weight of their boxes as the other seniors laughed t them. It was like a comedy show. 

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