Ellen and Amanda just rush through hoping to carry all their luggages to the room before the time that has been set is up by the mean looking senior. They were struggling themselves and didn’t have to look at the students who were having it so hard. They had to carry two chop boxes which they had to be extremely careful not to spill the fragile provisions. They had made the trip from dormitory to the campus like eight times and their legs began to ache. Finally they were done. Everybody was on time as nobody wanted to be punished on the first day. At about 5pm when they had packed their luggage well inside, each beside where they sleep as the senior had said. They had barely finished when an alarm blew which the prefect told them to take a plate and to the dining hall as it was time for dinner. Ellen and Amanda picked their plates and cutlery and followed the direction everyone was going towards the dining hall. It was so huge with wooden tables and two benches at each side. There were two metal saucepans one on top of each other and ladles on it. The dining hall prefect was equally tall like their house prefect it felt as if the positions were occupied by tall people. Ellen and Amanda found a place to sit at the far corner just observing the atmosphere of the environment. It was as if all the first years were withdrawn to themselves except for the seniors who were making catcalls at each other and laughing amongst themselves. 

Ellen and Amanda were quiet as the reality of the boarding house was slowly getting to them. At home they had things done for them and here it felt like you will do everything on your own. The tables were occupied with ten people assigned to each table. Eight other girls joined them of which about three were first years like them and the five both second years and third years. The seniors asked them questions of whom they were and where they were from. It was as if everybody was curious to know to know them. Through the interrogations Ellen got to know the Millicent from house ivy who came from Tema in the Accra, She was there to read visual arts and looked like the timid and quiet reserved girl who seems like a nerd. The other two girls were identical twins which was hard to tell them apart. Their names were Ama Attah senior and junior being the only difference between their names. They looked mischievous to Ellen, like those two who have many things under their sleeves. It seemed they were not burdened by the atmosphere like all the other first years but seemed delighted to be there. Likewise Ellen they were there to read general arts. Smart girls Ellen thought, one could cover up the weakness for the other reading the same subjects. 

Dinner was ken key with stew and fish. It was the most horrible tasting food Ellen had ever eaten. The stew was soaked with water and the fish looked like it was half cooked. After starving for many hours that was what was served and she just struggled to eat. She glanced over to look at Amanda who had barely touched her food as she just sat and stared at it. The dining hall prefect kept shouting no talking  whilst eating but the seniors on her table were talking and  were not being punished or anything she thought she could just pass a comment over to Amanda about how disgusting the food was so they could giggle over it  without being noticed but she was wrong. She was fished out by the dining hall prefect who made her stand on the dining table whilst carrying the empty pantry bowl 

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