Ellen was awoken by a loud sound of alarm, she wondered who it was and sat up straight in her bed thinking she was at home when the reality hit her she was at school. It still looked dark outside as reached for her wrist watch to check the time. It was 5am and it seemed that was the wake up alarm. She reached over to Amanda who was sound asleep and shook her awake. It took a while for Amanda to realise she was also in school. Some of the students were still sleeping and were only awoken but the loud shouting of the prefect who wanted them awake. They were each assigned to a chore. Amanda was given the task of sweeping in front of the first year’s block every morning whilst Ellen was to clean the windows every morning before they took their bathe and prepared for school. It seemed like a difficult chore for Amanda who stood and watched thinking about how to sweep. Ellen went through hers fast and later assisted Amanda who had barely swept a quarter of her portion. Some of the students were given harder chores from pruning of flowers to pulling out weeds glasses. 

After they were done, hey picked their buckets and went to the tap to fetch water to bath. Again it was a new thing but it seemed at the school everything was done on timely basis. They rushed to have their shower, change into their check uniforms and lay their beds as they have been instructed to do with the white bed sheet of which when the rules aren’t followed they will be punished.  They packed up their bags for school and stashed some snacks in it if they go hungry. They walked off to their assigned classrooms. Ellen was reading a different course than Amanda so they split into their different classes. At round 8am it was time for the morning assembly of which they went off to the assembly hall. The assembly was purposely for the first years as a form of orientation to teach them how the school run. Where wake up alarm was at 5am, cleaning and getting ready for school between 5am and 7am after which the dormitories’ will be locked. Classes starts at 7; 30 am to 9am for first break which they had to go to dining hall for breakfast and return to class at 10 am where classes continue to 1pm for lunch. School closed at 3pmm where there will be a siesta where students have to nap for an hour. At 4pm students have to take shower where 530pm is dinner. 7pm to 9pm was preparatory and 10pm was light out. Saturdays are for entertainment in the evening whilst day time will be used for cleaning the compound and resting. Sunday was for church and preparing for school on Monday. Ellen was surprised at how everything was planned as it seemed if you follow the rules you wouldn’t get punished. 

After school that day, they were assembled by the housemistress that was like a mother in the boarding house whom you go to when you need things. Ellen was shocked at how young she looked and how she was able to control the girls’ population. She was in her late twenties, about 5ft 5 tall.  She was Slim and of a lighter skin tone. She had on this short dress which was exposing her legs and obviously her nipples directly through the sheer dress but it seemed like she didn’t care. She had her hair up in a bun and kept surveying the student’s faces as if looking for someone. Ellen couldn’t help but whisper to Amanda about the house mistress who seemed to have a carefree attitude but it seemed Amanda was having the same thoughts and whispered, 

‘That mistress is so dope; she will definitely be my kind of role model’ Amanda said with her eyes still on the mistress who was moving up and down in front of the students. 

Well she is cute and seem like the fun type, Ellen managed to whisper back as at that time the dining hall had quieted down to listen to the madam. 

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