‘Hello students’ the head mistress began. 

‘Welcome to saint rose’s senior high, the all girls and popular school in the whole of eastern region’. 

She said that with a smack on her face and her stern and sweet voice. 

‘My name is madam ivy and I am the house mistress of these dormitories’.                                                                    ‘I live right up there’ pointing to the bungalow Ellen had wondered earlier on who lived there.  

‘As a mistress I am like your mother here who you turn to when you are having problems, From being sick and any other related issues. Madam ivy said as she surveyed the faces of the students who listened with uttermost interest and continued, 

‘After school I am the sole authority her and the only one who can permit you to go out. Are we allowed to go the students started whispering which caught the mistress attention. 

‘ yeah girls, you are allowed to go out at the end of the month only if you have a tangible reason and a written letter which I will apply my signature only then will the security allow you to go about’ the murmurings which has began suddenly died down at the relevance of the information 

‘Don’t hesitate to turn to me for any of your needs or things that beat your mind’. Thanks girls madam ivy ended.  

The student applauded. As they were dispersed, Amanda and Ellen walked back to their dormitories to begin the siesta and follow the routines and rules. 

Mrs O’Connor had settled right in, when Ellen had left to school not missing her. She had never had a mother to daughter moment with her before and they had each kept to themselves that it was like a normal day with her absence. Most times she wished she could have created this strong mother to daughter bond between them but she couldn’t and didn’t know how to make it work instead had sacked all her friends away to prevent her from being influenced badly. She was just grateful Ellen was in safe hands and trusted the headmistress and school which have discipline incorporated in its routine. For once she was scared when she realised Amanda was schooling with Ellen as she had always felt Amanda was a nuisance and a bad influence to naive Ellen especially from the way her mother brought her up. Ellen knew little about the world who always wants to follow the crowd without thinking twice, she always want to know everything and have fun which with Amanda present there without her supervision could steer for the worse that she had instantly called the headmistress when she got home to vent out how unpleased she was with Amanda in the same school but the assurance from the headmistress had set her heart at ease.  

She sometimes worries about Ellen but she had her cold marriage to worry about. Her husband has grown distant towards her. He slept in another room even though they were married. They could barely hold a conversation and when she had tried to talk to him about how he had changed considerably over the years he will just state he is fine. Most times it feels like he wasn’t the man she had fallen in love with. She had turned to her best friend cherry to help her out that they had had a lengthy talk all the way from Ellen school to Accra and her friend had assured her they will find the other woman in her husband’s life. If there was a woman she wouldn’t know what to do. That he had betrayed her love. Maybe she drew her husband away from her by her depression which had built up in her from the guilt of dumping her child at the orphanage. She signed. Hopefully, the past won’t come and haunt her. 

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