It has been a month since Ellen and Amanda started schooling at saint roses and for the past weeks they had tried hard to go with the routine making sure to settle in the system. Things done here was pretty much hard for them in the beginning and once they had settled in, they realised boarding house wasn’t that hard they thought it will be the first day they arrived. From following the routines as given out and doing your chore you pretty much will enjoy your stay and sometimes avoiding the seniors who could make life hard for you if they think you are disrespectful. Ellen and Amanda had stayed far away from the seniors till the settle as they had seen what they could do to the first year students to make life hard for them at least for two occasions they had witnessed. 

The first occasion was the second week when they had arrived struggling to settle in and fit in when Esther Quay from house krait who wore the yellow check uniform was punished. Esther was like the tallest among the first years standing at 6ft tall with her thick body and often been said she could be the prefect when they became the seniors. As usual it was a Monday morning where everyone was in a hurry to go to school. Esther had gone through her routine and dressed up on her way to campus when a form three senior have asked her to go fetch water for her. Esther being well dressed in her well ironed uniform, black shoe and white shocks didn’t want to stain her uniform and refused stating she couldn’t do it bluntly to the shocked senior who had just woken up from bed and wanted a student to serve her. Esther walked off to school not wanting to be late with the other first years looking on shocked and happy at her show of bravery. The unhappy senior had marked her down and told her colleagues friends how disrespectful Esther had being towards her that they sworn to punish her. In the afternoon after school, Esther was the target of the seniors who had arrived at the dormitory early to bully her and use her as an escape goat to teach other first years what they could face if they don’t obey them. Immediately they spotted Esther who was walking with her new friends to the dormitory happily unbeknown to her what awaits her there. The seniors made her walk with her knees for about 4 meters to where they were seated with the other first years looking on shocked and bewildered. 

Esther was made to kneel down in the middle of the compound carrying a bucket of water in her school uniform for hours that she missed siesta, dinner and even bath time that when it was prep the seniors had taken her to the overgrowth behind the building asking her to weed which they wanted it weeded by the next morning or another portion will be added. Maybe they taught Esther will be shaken up and cry or plead for forgiveness but the girls didn’t blink a tear or said nothing. She changed into her uniform and like a machine had been weeding from through prep .even though some of the first years wanted to help, no one dared as they were all afraid they will be punished. It didn’t bother Esther that around midnight she finished weeding with the torchlight, had her bath and went straight to bed. The next morning the seniors were shocked she had finished that portion overnight but little did they know Esther had been weeding back home for a fee and was good at the weeding business. That incident shook most of the first years that didn’t want to be punished same ways and obeyed the seniors running errands for them even though most times if it was above their power. But for Esther it was whispered she got her revenge in a way on the seniors when one evening they had run out of the bathroom itching their body due to a rare leave added to their buckets of water by an unknown person. The seniors suspected it was Esther but no direct proof was to pin her to the scene that the seniors stayed far away from her as possible. Esther did make her mark and left an impression not to be dared with on the minds on the seniors. But for the rest of the first years like Ellen and Amanda they were still at the mercy of the seniors. 

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