The second occasion was when Margaret another first year in house Eleanor which wore the red check was punished by angry seniors for reporting a colleague senior to the housemistress. Margaret a first year student provisions were eaten by a senior who bluntly said she didn’t need to give Margaret an explanation for eating the food.  With Margaret coming from a below average home, she didn’t have much provisions and was preserving the little she had till the first semester was over and couldn’t bear the fact of a senior eating her food. She went ahead to report the senior to the house mistress who made the senior refund the food in form of a cash. Margaret thought it was over but little did she know she had become a target for the angry seniors who thought she had no rights whatsoever to report the senior to the housemistress. The seniors always found ways and means to punish her and for like five occasions she was a target and was punished severely. The seniors started with having random roll calls when Margaret wasn’t around and punished for absenteeism. Then it generated into she kneeling during prep for just asking a friend for a pencil even though other students were talking ,it went on to she made to pack pantry bowls after dinner for three days because she had a chipped off plate. Then it became pretty obvious that she had become a target. But the seniors weren’t done with her yet, during Saturday scrubbings, she can be made to rescrub the same corridor for close to five times that it started shinning. With Margaret tired of the bullying, she pleaded to the senior who felt offended and gave her the money back to avoid being a target and making life difficult for her. Well the bullying stopped same as it started. With Ellen and Amanda being witnesses to this experiences, have stayed in their lane, making sure not to cross a wrong path with a senior who could easily make them a target and a source of bullying.  

It was Friday on the saint rose’s campus and as usual Ellen and her friends looked forward to the weekend. For their month of staying there they had realised boarding house wasn’t as bad as the thought it was. Through those days she and Amanda had made friends. From veronica okai the other two friends they had made in their room. Veronica was from kaneshie in Accra and it literally looked like she was forced to school. Veronica was the fashionable one and was only reading science because her mother wanted her to even though she was clueless and know nothing about it. She just sat through class not paying attention or anything. Veronica always looked forward to the weekends with the relaxations than the boring school days books. Ellen and Amanda were drawn to her due to her jovial nature and her adventurous side. They had been friends within the week they had reported on campus and had pretty much done everything together with the other two girls Ellen and Amanda had met too. 

There was Linda who always had stories o tell. She was reading visual arts and was a very good dancer. Unlike Ellen and Amanda she grew up in a rural setting and had never been to Accra though she looks forward to it someday.  She became friend with the two friends due to their endless tales about Accra and them been very generous ad accommodating. They seem to never lack anything financially and she would always tag along to win a favour from them. She wanted to be like them, the big girls from Accra and so badly valued their friendship. She was greatly influenced by them and the way they acted that she had started behaving like them. 

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