Pricilla added to their new list of friends with her coming from another major town in Ghana called Kumasi. She was like the adventurous and brave one. They had basically been friends because they were from the Same house and shared the same room. Ellen and Amanda had made friends from other houses too but it wasn’t as defined as they were with these new friends whom they all come from house Morton. This very Friday as the bell rung for the end of the day, they looked forward to the weekend and had planned on staying back during prep and not go but rather  have an alone friends time as Priscilla had put it. Initially it was her who had suggested that and said her elder used to do that when she was in the boarding house and tell her all about it. As risky as it sounded they still wanted to take the risk. One girl had done that last week and wasn’t caught by a senior so what was preventing them from trying. Ellen had said to them it was a bad idea but Amanda had been able to convince her it was what made boarding house fun. Not wanting to be left out, Ellen agreed reluctantly. They had planned to paint their toe nails and be quiet as possible so as not to be caught by the house prefect. They had gone to dinner and when everybody was preparing to go prep they had hidden in not to be noticed by the senior. 

They were very quiet that when one senior had come to inspect if some recalcitrant student as were hiding she would fish them out but she didn’t see anyone and left. Then they had come out. They started giggling when they all came out from their chosen hiding place making sure not to be too loud for the senior to notice and come back. Ellen was the first to talk when they had grouped at one corner where the bed will shield them.  

‘So guys what are we going to do with the free two hours’ Ellen asked. 

Well there is a lot to do dear, just cool down the party just started’ Priscilla said as she opened her chop box to bring out five canned drink which Ellen knew it contained alcohol. 

‘Hey prissy’ Ellen said ‘don’t that contain alcohol? I know my parents used to drink it. 

‘It doesn’t contain much alcohol’ Amanda chipped in as she grabbed the canned drinks  from Priscilla and gave the rest to Linda and veronica who opened it immediately and gulped it down as Ellen turned hers  over to read the alcohol contents.  

‘Amanda it says I contains seven per cent alcohol and the prospectus said it isn’t allowed’. ‘It could land us in big trouble’. Ellen said with a look of concern as the others seemed not to care. 

‘Don’t be such a baby Ellen’.  Amanda said obviously tired of Ellen’s complains.  

‘You are starting to bore me out with your over carefulness’ spat out Amanda. 

‘Don’t you want to have fun? 

Sometimes I wonder why I chose you as a friend’. 

The words stabbed Ellen in her heart that she stood up from the mattress they were sitting on and grabbed her bag which was hanging on the side of the bed intending to walk to prep and leave them to drink. 

She thought Amanda will say something to stop her or anything but she said nothing and heard her telling the other girls.  

‘She is such a bore’ and they burst out laughing. 

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