Ellen just walked towards the prepping classroom which was very quite as it has started. She thought she will be questioned by the senior but it turned out she didn’t even care. She found a place to sit and took out a book to read very displeased at how Amanda had treated her, maybe she was drunk. She will leave her to sober up and apologise. She just hope the alcohol doesn’t get them drunk enough to make them laugh loudly and get caught. After Ellen left the small group of prep absconders had settled in, made jokes eaten and was having a good time breaking rules along the way. They were all drunk that they forgot to keep quieter to prevent them from getting caught. Two seniors who were going to the dormitory to rest heard laughter coming out from the form one block of house Morton which was supposed to be quiet as it was prep and students were supposed to be out of the dormitories. Initially they thought it was the sounds of rumoured superstitions beings on campus but as they listened they heard it was conversations mixed with laughter. They wondered which first years will skip prep after just a month of being enrolled there.  They entered the room which was now filled with laughter; it was obvious whoever these students were they didn’t care about rules and regulations governing the house. 

As they got close to the corner of the from where the laughter was originating from were four first year girls, who were having a good time from the food lying around and cans of drink. They immediately noticed the presence of the students and stood up but were too drunk to stand straight. The seniors were so shocked and loss of words as to what they will say as it was a first time they had seen first years breaking rules in the shortest time of being enrolled there. Normally it was the second years and third years that had the nerve of doing that but first years it was rear. One of the seniors who were the compound prefect regained her shock and asked the frightened girls who were leaning against the wall for support. 

What is going on here? The first student asked searching the faces of the four of them for answers but it seemed no one was ready to answer. 

Where did you get this can of drinks from? The second senior asked, maybe they could answer that one. 

‘It’s mine’, I brought it from home Priscilla owned up. 

Yours?  Don’t you know it contains alcohol and alcohol is prohibited on campus? The same senior asked Priscilla who just shrugged her shoulder. 

‘I didn’t know it contained alcohol, I only bought it as it was cheaper’, Priscilla said.  

‘We only drunk it to know it contained alcohol, we even said we were going to throw it away, Priscilla added feigning innocence. 

Amanda just thought to herself how smartly Priscilla was answering the questions to the seniors who were clueless on the next thing to ask. Indeed Priscilla was brave and was the kind of person she wanted to hang out. 

The first senior asked, ‘what do you say for the food and your absence from prep then? 

Well we were drinking this before we set out for prep as drinks are not allowed at prep but the alcohol hit us bad and we couldn’t move and felt hungry hence the small party. Pr

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