‘Well since we caught you at the dormitory during prep hours you will be subject to a punishment’ the first senior said.  

‘If not the explanation you gave for the alcohol, I was going to report you to house mistress which could result in your suspension but sometimes this kind of things happen’. The senior said as she stared at their faces happy at how suddenly it changed at the mention of suspension.   

‘Give me the rest of the alcohol and tomorrow come and wake me up so I give you the punishment that is required for missing prep. The senior said whilst the four frightened girls nodded. 

Priscilla reached for the rest of the canned drinks and handed them to the senior as she knew it was better than a suspension and she knew other ways of getting another dozen of those drinks if she wanted. The seniors left them as they started cleaning up before the other students got back from prep.  

‘That was a close one, suspension? What will I have told my mother when am sent back home? Linda said as she picked up her bowl of food and headed to the outside door. 

‘So you were scared? Asked veronica who wasn’t in the least bothered by the confrontation they had a few minutes ago with the seniors. 

‘Of course I was, I am on a scholarship and I don’t want to jeopardize it. My parents can’t afford the school and I should consider myself lucky and work hard rather I am here drinking alcohol with you guys when my friends are out there learning. ‘I don’t know why I listened to you. I should have followed Ellen right out the door when she left earlier on. Linda said as she left the room.  

‘What is wrong with that girl’ Amanda said mockingly as the burst out in laughter. 

‘Priscilla that was smart, how did you come up with that plan veronica asked.  

Oh my sister taught me that if am caught with an canned drink which contains alcohol, I should blame it on the sellers and they not being truthful to me that it contained alcohol. Priscilla said. 

‘Well that was smart, it saved us from obvious suspension’ Amanda chipped in. 

‘I wonder what punishment will be given to us tomorrow’’. Amanda said a bit worried it will be difficult she can’t execute especially if it was weeding. 

‘Don’t worry whatever punishment it is, we can sort it out as a group’ veronica said assuredly as they finished packing up and headed outside  to mix with the students who had closed from prep by then. 

Ellen was wondering what had happened to the group she had left behind at the dormitory especially Amanda. As she walked towards the dormitory she wondered if they were caught or not but it appeared they weren’t as she found the room empty when she entered the dormitory. She wondered where they went and changed into her pyjama as she prepared for sleep. She just hoped this incident wouldn’t let her lose the only friend she had known from childhood. Of course she wanted to have fun but not the fun that involved alcohol and the chances of being suspended. Her mother will pin it on her association with Amanda and she didn’t want that. She wanted to stay awake till Amanda returned from wherever she had gone to but her tired eyes leapt to sleep without her knowing. 

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