The next morning which was a Saturday Ellen awoke with no sign of Amanda, she wondered if she came to spend the night and checked her bed which showed she had slept on it. She went outside to see f she could spot her washing or doing hr chores but none. Then she approached another first year to ask if she had seen Amanda then she was told they were weeding behind the block. She wondered what Amanda had done to be weeding as weeding was most likely the punishment given when you disobey your senior. She rushed behind the dormitory walking towards the direction the first year had pointed hoping to spot Amanda but it felt their weeding was further away from the dormitory almost close to where the teachers where farming their vegetables’. She walked through the over growth bushes scared it might give her marks on her legs. When she appeared to be closer she head sounds of weeding and murmurings then she shouted Amanda’s name to know if it was her before she probed any further into the bush. Then the response came back, 

‘Kitty, is that you? Amanda asked back as the murmurings died down. 

‘Yeah it me’, ‘where are you’, I can’t see you Ellen shouted back.  

‘We are over here just take the next turn on your left’. Amanda shouted back. 

‘Over there with who? Ellen asked as she found her way around the bush to the open clearing Amanda and the other girls were weeding. 

‘Oh, so it’s you guys? Ellen said on reaching there and realising it was the same friends who were drinking last night. 

They didn’t seem bothered but surprised to see her as the all stopped weeding except Linda who kept on weeding her potion.  

‘What happened guys’? ‘What did you do for them to give you this thick bush away from where they normally are given? Ellen asked searching for answers on her friends faces. Priscilla just sat down and veronica started hitting the grass in a playful way. 

It was Amanda who replied. ‘We were caught by a senior last night when you left’. 

‘Oh guys, is it bad, did she report to the house mistress that could mean suspension you know. Ellen asked with a look of concern they didn’t expect. 

‘It was chatter box and master mind Priscilla who saved us like we will all be suspended’ Linda said in a cheeky way after she stopped weeding to rest. 

‘Shut up Linda, if I saved you, why were you acting like a baby and walking off last night blaming me when you were the one who opened the can of alcohol when I offered?  Priscilla spat back obviously angry at Linda utterance. If the scholarship did mean something to you, you should have walked off just like Ellen did when she wasn’t interested. Priscilla ended. 

‘Stop it guys this isn’t the time to haul accusations at each other’. Ellen said who wanted to break of the heat that was starting to generate between the two friends who were staring angrily at each other. 

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