‘We should work together as a group and clear this portion before the day ends’. Ellen continued talking to the shock of the other girls who thought she would have laughed at them and walked off. 

‘You guys should be more careful in your escapades without being caught’. She added. 

Amanda who was now shocked at the calm way Ellen had acted felt it was the right time to offer an apology for shouting on her the previous night when she had expressed uninterest in the alcohol. 

‘Am sorry kitty for last night, I guess I was a bit drunk. Amanda said 

‘It alright girl, I know you well, let it go. Ellen reassured she wasn’t angry at her childhood friend. 

‘Linda stop being such an old school and keep quiet over it, if you feel this friendship will ruin your scholarship, no one is forcing you to be friend with us, and you can walk off after you finish weeding. Ellen said directed at Linda who just look down. 

‘Friends who will make sacrifices for each other will stick together. Ellen added with Linda who just stood motionless. 

‘Well am sorry guys, I was just scared. Linda said. You know, I don’t come from a well to do family like yours, where I come from there isn’t even a square meal a day, my mother  cracks stones to earn money and feed us her five children as my father died in a car accident. It wasn’t even in my plan to gain admission into the senior high but I was still hopeful if I got good grades I will be considered for a scholarship by the district assembly. When the results came and I was offered a scholarship among the five students in the whole town it was mixture of sadness and happiness for me. Happiness cause I gained admission, sadness because I wondered if my mother could raise money for the things needed. I had to run errands for people. The chop box I own was given to me by a carpenter whose daughter had attended school few years ago so was a lot of things. I don’t have provisions like you guys neither do I have the luxury of new shoes. I am here as a result of a scholarship to gain a certificate and maybe go to the university and gain admission. So jeopardizing it will be a disgrace to me and disappointment to my mother who have so much hope in me. I hang out with you guys cause I fancy the way you were brought up in a good background and never have to work for anything, I just wanted to be your friend so I could learn from you and be like you in a way.’ Linda said as she blinked the tears that had formed in her eyes as she recounted her problems.  

Her friends who were speechless and touched by her story gave her a group hug, even the emotionless Priscilla. 

‘Don’t worry Linda, we are here for you and now that you had made things clearly we understand and wouldn’t do anything to make you lose your scholarship’ Amanda said assuring as she wiped the tear off Linda cheeks. 

Whenever you need anything be it money, or food don’t hesitate to let us know. Ellen said after being really moved by Linda story. That spoke for her old things from chop box to shoes to books and she was still trying hard to be friends with them. 

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