‘Friends’ support each other and we will support you through it and not lack anything’. Veronica added. 

‘Oh guys, you making me really emotional now’, Linda said. 

‘I just thought when I tell you where I come from you wouldn’t want o be friends with me and getting this from you is really making me want to stick with you forever’. Linda said with a smile on her face 

‘Of course we will always be friends with you and not judge you, don’t worry’ Amanda said. 

‘Am sorry thou Linda for being harsh Priscilla said.  

‘It’s ok prissy we are friends and friends fight and make up’. Ellen added. 

The five friends resumed weeding. The plot which the senior had given was the most biggest they had ever seen. It was as if the plot was given out as the senior hated them. They had been weeding for hours and still it wasn’t done, tired they had sat down and had lunch there having chats over little things. They spent all day completing the portion. 

The week that followed, the friends have kept to themselves following the alcohol incident. Though they had other escapades they want to try like finding time to stay behind during prepping hours and roast the maize they had spotted in the housemistress farm when they were weeding but it will be too dark and they might be bitten by animals in the bush so they were likely waiting for the right time. So when they were given a three day midterm break they thought it was a good opportunity as all their parents didn’t want them home. Most of the students had gone home but the few that stayed like the five friends either slept or studied or go to the small town to while time away. 

Priscilla who was excited about the free days felt it was good enough time to try some things with her friends. On the morning of the Thursday when she woke up, she was really in a happy mood. She walked over to her friends who were still sleeping in the bunk beds to wake up. 

‘Wake up guys it the midterm holidays and it means we are going to have fun and not while the time away lazily. Amanda said as she moved from bed to bed to wake her friends up. 

Ellen and Amanda shot up almost he same time and it was obvious s they weren’t sleeping but just covered themselves with the blankets. 

‘Hey guys what the run down today veronica asked. It seems we are the only ones who didn’t go home for mid terms in this room as she cast glances around. 

How about we have breakfast and visit madam ivy maize farm to roast some cobs as we had planned earlier without getting.’ Amanda said 

‘Are you up for it Ellen? It seems you are kind of quiet though Linda asked.  

‘Yeah sure I am up for it, just thinking about how my mum is doing’ Ellen said. 

The last time I talked to her it seemed she was really having a hard time and I wonder if she is ok. Ellen said as she sighed obviously worried and distracted. 



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