‘Kitty is something wrong at home, I don’t know of Amanda asked as the other friends sat on Ellen bed to get gist of what was going on with Ellen as they were like a family now. 

‘You know guys my parents are the most emotionless I have ever seen. They don’t show affection towards each other for like many years now. Never have I seen them having a conversation or anything. And for my mum it seems it was what was eating her making her depressed and kind of withdrawn and cold towards. What got me thinking most was the last time when she dropped me off where she passed a comment about me not making the same mistakes as her’ I wonder what mistakes were. Is it of marrying my father or anything? As I have observed my father sleeps in another room. I am greatly worried that they might break up and I don’t want to be a victim of broken home. Thinking about it is making me so sad and depressed right now. Ellen explained. 

‘Listen kitty your parents are not divorcing’. They may simply be having adult issues like most parents have. Amanda said 

Isn’t it guys? Don’t your parents have issues along the way? Amanda asked her other friends who looked on expecting them to support in a way. 

‘Yes the rest nodded together except Ellen who still wasn’t satisfied with the assurance. 

‘But why do they sleep in separate rooms when before they used to share a room? What if they are breaking up? Ellen asked with a sad face looking at her new friends for answers. 

‘See Ellen my mom and father have issues too.’ Sometimes when my dad visit for holidays they will be fighting over petty things and they have been like that for years but they are still married. Amanda explained hoping it will end this topic she was uncomfortable talking about. It felt like she was being handed a bitter pill to swallow especially after what she had witnessed between her mother and Ellen’s father a few days before she came to school.  

‘It happens to adults a lot’ Priscilla chipped in. They will just be fine. Let’s not this adult stuff spoil our day.  

Just know we are there for you whenever anything happen, we are family and we support each other but I do know nothing is going to happen. Veronica added. 

‘Cheer up baby’ Linda said which brought a smile on Ellen face. We will make it besides there are other things to think about like corns ready to be stolen where we won’t get caught. They burst out laughing at Linda comment. 

They all got ready to leave the room after having their breakfast to the spot they had agreed on roasting the maize they will take from the house mistress farm. All was in a happy mood even after what had happened in the morning except Amanda who tried hard to seem happy but deep inside her she was breaking apart.  

She felt bad from keeping the secret from Ellen even though she was her best friend. She just didn’t want her to know the truth fearing it might break their friendship apart. The truth she had witnessed between her mother and Ellen’s father that evening. The truth which can break them apart… forever if Ellen found out. 


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