Amanda remembers the day vividly, when she had gone out late without her mother knowing. She just wanted to sneak out and met her male friend Augustus before he left for school. It was around 10pm and when she had almost gotten close to their house the next junction to their house was Ellen’s father car. Initially she had thought what Ellen will be doing there at that time as usually it was her father who dropped her off and normally not that late. Was something wrong or anything she thought and increased her pace to meet Ellen if she was home already ahead of her but something stopped her in her tracks when she was a few meters away from the car. She heard sounds of laughter which sounded familiar-possibly just like her mothers. Maybe she thought wrong but the laughter came again, and she couldn’t be wrong. The way her mother always laughs she knew it, which prompted her to hide beside a parked car away from Ellen’s fathers own to ascertain what was going on. She had stood for like 20 minutes waiting as the was continuous reels of laughter till finally the door to the driver’s side opened, lo and behold was Ellen father alright as she has predicated and from the passenger seat came out her mother. She thought she wasn’t seeing well or telling herself not to see well as she gulped down the sliver in her throat. She couldn’t be wrong it isn’t her mother; she was in the same pair of blue jeans and the black top she had on from the morning. Her cologne even gave her away. Shit! What on earth is her mother doing with her friend’s father in the middle of the night? 

What even made her more shocked was when Ellen’s father had grabbed her mother by the waist and kissed her. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t look more and felt disgusted at her mother particularly her, why will she do that? Amanda run home as fast as her legs would carry her and went straight to her room locking the door behind her. She threw herself on her bed and covered herself in blanket trying to erase the memory of what she had just seen at the road. Did she see right? Was that her mother? As she tried to convince herself the possibility of that not happening but she knew deep down it was her mother. Few minutes later she heard her mother come in, right it was her, she bit her lower lips .what does her mother think she was doing? This is bad, she knew her father and mother normally fight most times with her dad accusing her mother of cheating but she never believed. But today she believed. She wish her mother could date anyone but not Ellen father. Didn’t she know Ellen was her friend and was like a sister? Does she want hell to break lose? She felt freaked out and slept. She had thought over and over again if she should tell Ellen and risk losing their years of friendship or kept quiet over it. And she had chosen the latter.  But today when Ellen talked about the possibility of her parents getting a divorce it has hit her instantly that it could be because of her mother’s infidelity. She felt guilty in some way sad was partially down emotionally.  She just hopes they don’t break up and that nobody will find out it was her mother Ellen’s father was seeing. Gosh these adults are complicated! 

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