‘Hey Amanda what are you thinking about asked Ellen.                                                                              ‘It seems you have divided attention, is something wrong with you? She continued when Amanda looked up sharply at her as if startled by her voice. 

‘No am cool’. Amada replied,                                                                                                                            ‘just kind of lost in my own thoughts, nothing special’. Amanda said trying to brush off the fact that something is really bothering her but she saw that Ellen wasn’t convinced about it. ‘Are you sure you are okay Amanda?’ Ellen asked again, as she had seen how deeply in thought Amanda was. It was as if Amanda was thinking about something and it was obviously clear she was deeply concerned over whatever it is she wasn’t telling her.  

‘I am fine kitty not to worry’, Amanda replied trying to look happy, I just had this slight thought nothing to worry your pretty head over she said as she stood off her bed and changed into the house jersey since it wasn’t school day. Ellen still wasn’t satisfied with Amanda answer but if she wasn’t prepared to talk she can’t force her to so she just let go. ‘Hey guys what are you waiting for, let’s go and roast some maize’ Priscilla said as they burst into laughter. The girls made their way through the bush to where they had already weeded. They had gathered up some rocks and firewood they had stolen from the kitchen unnoticed to roast the maize over. The rest of the girls were clueless on how to roast maize but it was Linda who knew how having lived in the village and not having access to gas like her other friends had at home.  

They didn’t know how much maize they had chewed as there was conversations and more roasting that by the time they realised they had chewed a pile of maize.                                             ‘Let’s hurry up and leave this place before we are caught by the housemistress, I don’t want to be given a weeding punishment like last time. Veronica suggested after looking at the pile of maize there stating how much they had chewed.                                                                                   ‘Yeah let’s leave,’ Amanda said giggly. If housemistress finds out we chewed this amount of maize we are dead. ‘ 

How do you know we are dead’, Ellen asked as she had seen the housemistress as the friendly type and she was kind of drawn to her. 

‘She had barely punished anyone so that’s the dangerous part; we will have to wonder what she will do to us’. Linda said as she quickly poured water on the flaming fire.  

As they got ready to go, there ahead of them was the headmistress who had been drawn to her maize farm by the smoke she had seen through her window and wondered if the farm was burning. She had come down to have a look at what was causing the smoke. Then she had met five students roasting her maize in her farm.                    

‘Really girls? She said to the scared students who didn’t expect to be caught. 

‘You are roasting my maize? What did I do to you? You should have roasted the other teachers’ own, not mine! 

The headmistress asked. They didn’t know if she sounded angry or she just was trying to be sarcastic. Why did you roast my maize? she asked the five girls who were staring at her scared. She looked at their face for the first time after closing the gap between them and was instantly drawn to four of them, not the short one.  

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