They looked pretty or even stunning. They had the beautiful black skin, their slim bodies and the height.  She imagined as she took in their body with her eyes. They will look good as her personal girls if she recruit them. It could fetch her and them a lot of money if she could convince them as she has been doing previously to the other girls and as she has been doing always, none of them had said no if she selects them. Every girl wants that life. Her old set of girls, her clients have grown tired of. Those third years and some of the second years who are currently under her. They had let themselves go with some gaining weight and some being less classy, she knew sooner or later she had to discard them off but finding replacements wasn’t easy. Her clients were picky. Now they wanted the slim ones, the naive clueless ones, not the matured ones but this first years that had been enrolled months ago she hadn’t seen any of them which had met the requirements. Her high end clients have been angry with her threaten to find another place and she couldn’t afford to lose them and even lose her job as the housemistress. They had put her there to do the job of finding them girls and if she couldn’t she will obviously lose her job and another replacement will be brought in. This girls standing in front of her were just the perfect fit to her clients taste. Just a little polishing up especially the short one ,seems like she has some kind of hidden beauty only an expert like her could notice.  

‘Err madam’, the tallest one among them said bringing her into reality, last time were given punishment here and spotted your maize. She knew if she wasn’t soft on them she might lose them, not like she fancies the maize. 

‘What’s your name’ she asked calmly to the surprise of the girls who had been frightened earlier. She was happy her calmness had made them a little relaxed. 

‘I am Priscilla, madam’ Priscilla said wondering what changed the housemistress mood from harsh to subtle. Stop calling me madam, just Clara when you are around me ok? She said looking at the girl’s faces who were obviously trying to figure out what was going on. 

Why were you punished to weed here? She asked the girls who obviously didn’t want to say what they did. You can tell me now or I find out myself. The housemistress asked 

‘Well madam, we were caught skipping prep and eating at the dormitory. The other girl said.  

And what’s your name, the madam asked, 

‘I am Amanda, ohm Amanda, I see so just skipping prep and you were given this plot away from the normal punishment, it might be more to that. She wasn’t pleased with the answer. 

‘Madam, we were caught drinking alcohol’. Ellen said and quickly added when she saw the look on the madams’ face, though we didn’t know the drink contained alcohol. At last the girls she was drew to spoke Clara thought. ‘What’s your name? She asked. 

I am Ellen madam. 

So you guys were caught drinking alcohol during prep, she kind of like the sound of it. They seem adventurous and those ones are the easiest to catch.  

‘ohh that’s kind if genius, you should have done it without getting caught. It seems all your escapades make you get caught and it’s not dope. The housemistress said to the surprise of the girls. 


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