They didn’t know if they should giggle or not but the remarks sure did sound funny. It was as if a leader was telling her subordinates how to steal without getting caught. 

‘Madam it wasn’t exactly alcohol’ veronica said At least, in effort to save them if the housemistress plans on punishing them again. 

‘Oh yeah it wasn’t alcohol says everyone’, the housemistress smiled. 

‘And your name is’ the housemistress asked with interest fixed on the beautiful pair of eyes staring back at her. She had ever seen such eyes in a while, oh no she had seen them before a long time ago in one first year ‘ciara’ but sadly that girl created a lot of problems and made lots of mistakes. 

Ciara, the first year, who was just an epitome of beauty, all the executives wanted her when she was recruited, naive, young and full of youth. Initially she didn’t enjoy the lifestyle, was reluctant to join till her grades started failing and she needed a higher authority only then had she approached to be recruited. She became satisfied with the lifestyle and made lots of mistakes, she wasn’t supposed to. Like falling in love with a client and it all ended up in a complete mess. She couldn’t complete schooling, run off with the guy who only wanted to have fun and not for long term purposes. She got pregnant but the elite group this young man joined wouldn’t accept that so it was over for her. Ciara dreams crushed. Clara didn’t know what happened to her, till last time when she received a message from her asking to be brought back. How she wished she could but her era had passed and almost all her clients knew about her little secret. These girls, no matter how she advises, most of them don’t listen and make mistakes. But the determined ones, they make it in the long run. Being rich and living the lavish lifestyle. She always tells them to make it when they are wanted as their era passes soon as it begins…..just like that.  She hopes recruiting these girls she wouldn’t make mistakes with them and make sure they all come out living the enviable lifestyle and be her masterpiece. Clara thought. 

‘I am veronica’, mistress. 

‘‘The round girl eye said which brought her into reality.’  

‘Mistress? You make me sound like a domintress. Clara said hoping to see a look of recognition on what she was talking about but it sees they were clueless. And she immediately changed the question. Too early to talk about that stuff she thought. 

‘Oh I see veronica like Vero? Veronica just nodded. 

‘See girls, I am not going to punish you for drinking alcohol and roasting my maize’. I did that in school too that is what makes the boarding house fun. But there is other fun than drinking alcohol and stealing maize which you should rather indulge in and not this. It’s like below your level. Pretty girl don’t do this. She said looking over at the girls faces who obviously dint understand what fun their madam was talking about. But it was obvious on their faces they are interested to know.  

Yeah the curiosity, Clara thought; that what she feeds on. The curious ones are always good listeners and learners. 


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