‘You want to know right?  

Clara asked obviously pleased at the impact she was having on the girls with her little tricks of mind games and what have you. That’s what she is good at.  She never states her intent in the beginning to let you go away if you not interested. She starts from somewhere, little by little to make you gain the interest before she tells you what exactly she meant. Genius isn’t she. Sometimes she wonders where she had gained this experience and influence from but looking back over the years and being in the game, you have to specialize t something to stay relevant. She was just like these students eight years ago, growing up in a poor home but yet wanted to at least go to the senior high and be somebody. She had big dreams, dreams her mother had always said was bigger than her. Life was hard in school, no money; she was living the poor life, constantly being sacked for school tuition, always the one who was in the oldest of uniform and shoes with no text books and constantly being the object of mockery. She endured that for a two semesters in her first year till her house mistress approached her to be recruited into the ‘pearls’. Initially she had thought ‘pearls’ was just a myth going around in senior high where some students had created. She thought she will see them striding down campus in their flashy clothes, missing class and being driven in expensive cars but she realised there was more to it. People thought it was just a makeup and not real till she was introduced to the lifestyle by her then housemistress. It was like plunging into the lavishness and a dark dangerous side with dangerous people. The people she met, the money, the lifestyle. Knowing where she comes from she set goals and made contacts to stay in the lifestyle. That was when she was picked to become the house mistress of the all girls senior high four years ago being a replacement of the former recruiter who was there.  And for those years, she had made a name for herself among the cycle. The cycle of those who run the county and the underworld of drugs, and money and cartels.  

Back to reality Clara, she said to herself. 

‘Do you want to know girls? The other kind of fun? She asked again forgetting if they answered previously or not as she was locked in her own thoughts. 

‘They nodded shyly’.  Clara smiled. They had attitude, she liked it.  

‘Well I will tell you girls later when you visit me in my bungalow in the evening, I will be expecting you. 

‘Your names are Amanda, Ellen, Priscilla, Vero and as she pointed at Linda who subconsciously shouted her name to the madam,’ Linda maam’.  

‘You seem like the quiet type who didn’t talk within our like what, twenty minutes of conversation. Clara inquired looking at Linda who just bowed her head.  

‘Well am leaving, I can’t be standing here in this grasses. She said as she readjusted the bathrobe around her body which exposed the sheer nightgown beneath it with erected breasts decorated with nipple rings. 

‘Gosh this woman is so hot, thought Amanda. She was the kind of person she will like to hang out with. She had Nipple ring, anklets and tattoos. Which makes Amanda wonder, how the hell she become a housemistress with her lifestyle when it was widely said housemistress are mostly old or matured. 


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