‘I will see you the evening girls’, Clara said as she walked off.  The girls were speechless when she had left. When they were sure the madam was out of ear shot they all started speaking at once and burst out laughing till it was all quiet. 

‘I thought she was actually going to punish us or skin us alive’.  Ellen said. I was so freaking scared but it seems she was cool’.  

‘So cool, very cool to be a housemistress who are constantly middle aged and kill joys, but this one there is something about her. Veronica related. 

‘I thought so Vero, I was just thinking that when she readjusted the bathrobe’. Did you see her nipple ring, the tattoos, omg I was shocked!’ Amanda said with slight disbelief.   

‘I thought I was the only who spotted that and was turned by it’ Priscilla said. I kind of like her style. For once I was scared she was going to punish us. I still haven’t recovered from that weeding.  Priscilla ended. 

They all burst out laughing.  

‘Well come to think of it what she was talking about, the other kind of fun, I wonder though. It makes me rethink and re go over her conversation. Maybe she was giving hints but we didn’t notice’ veronica said concerned. 

‘Eei madam hints, well as for me am so down with this madam. Everything she says. I want to be in her book. 

‘Can’t you see she is hot’? Amanda said trying to cut off veronica bad energy. 

‘Oh yeah she was indeed hot the three all nodded.  

‘You guys should stop fantasizing over the housemistress and let’s clear this place. You all are women and you are here fantasying over another. Linda said somehow displeased at how they were talking about the housemistress. 

‘Don’t be such a kill joy’. Didn’t you admire her body Linda? Ellen said.  

‘Well I am not a lesbian to like her body’.  Linda said as she gathered the plates they had eaten in together. 

‘And who amongst us is a lesbian? Amanda said. Sometimes I don’t understand your utterances. Girl if you want to live the city life you got to be open minded. And put this shallowness of us behind.  Amanda emphasized displeased at Linda’s comment. 

‘Well I was just saying other people shouldn’t hear you fantasizing over you madam body, you could be punished you know.  Linda explained. Especially by the seniors who worship the very ground she walks on.  

‘Seniors? What seniors’ Priscilla asked. There are no seniors here. And why do they worship the ground she walks on. Miss informant. Priscilla asked wanting to know more about what Linda was implying. 

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