. Don’t judge her from growing up in a conservative society. 

‘Alright guys, cut it out .veronica said wielding some sort of maturity. It’s almost sundown and we have to prepare and meet the housemistress than standing here doing nothing after spending the whole day roasting stolen maize. 

They all burst out laughing again. For veronica she always knows how to chip in humour when everybody was tensed up. They carried the rest of the bowl and headed to the deserted‘So you don’t know? Linda asked. Well I heard through the grape vine that when the housemistress she likes you, life is going to be easy for you through school and even when you complete. Linda explained as her friends looked on with further interest. 

‘Really? That not bad it does sound kind of juicy. Veronica said. 

‘Is that was why you were quiet all through her small encounter with us’. Ellen asked still wanting to know why Linda kept her voice especially after this revelation. She wondered if there was something she wasn’t really telling them.  

‘Not really I have been thinking why they worship her and what if she was a lesbian.  Linda said rather sounding concerned. Everybody on campus including headmistress fear her. Linda ended uncomfortable she had shared such much conversation with them which could land her in trouble. 

‘Headmistress fears her? The other girls all said in disbelieve. This is unbelievable. . They all exclaimed at once as if rehearsed. 

They know the headmistress is greatly feared among the teaching and non teaching staff and students too. And to think of her fearing Clara the housemistress then indeed she did held some kind of authority they were curious to find out except for Linda who still thought the housemistress was a lesbian. 

‘Well I want to find out what kind of person she is though’, Amanda said, me too the other girls said. Except Linda who just kept mute and walked off leaving her friends behind. 

What is wrong with girls Priscilla exclaimed? Why does she keep doing that stuff? Omg how did I even become friends with her. 

‘Let her be prissy.  Ellen said in a bid to shield Linda from being bashed by the other girls. She is naive and having grown in the village where they are more conservative than in Accra it is her right to suspect that maybe the housemistress is a lesbian. 

‘Well we let her be, but she got some real growing up to do than walking off when she disagrees with something’s like an immature baby. I didn’t leave home to be friends with babies you know. Priscilla said obviously angry at Linda. 

‘Cool down prissy Amanda said, like how Ellen is saying she needs time to be more open dormitory.  

It was as if the girls who had been there earlier had all left when they realised it was boring and they were the only ones in the dormitory to spend the night.  They had the room to themselves and they are going to have fun . 


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