‘You know frank; I think we should stop seeing each other for some time. Tatiana said 

‘It seems my daughters are suspecting me and my husband will be coming home for the Christmas holidays I don’t want to create any room for suspicion especially with the late night meetings. If Howard finds out am cheating on him with you it could be a lot of problem. Let’s just cool off now before it gets any further to levels we can’t stop. Tatiana continued talking as she changed from the bathrobe into her clothes, after an evening sneak out with frank as they have been doing for months now.’ She was expecting a reply or something from frank but he just sat motionless on the bed and listened as she talked.  

‘You promised this wouldn’t get in our family way but it seems with you it has gotten. You don’t even have conversations with your wife anymore and sleep in a separate room whilst calling me at night. It not fair you know, I am a woman like her and I do feel the pain she might be going through right now more reason why we should cool it off after today. Tatiana ended hoping this could spark some kind of conversation about their affair. 

‘So my wife is the reason you are breaking up with me? Huh Titi? Frank asked. 

‘That’s not the reason Frank but it like things is going on to fast and it making me very uncomfortable as I can’t even breathe. You know this was just for fun and not long term but with you it seems you are in for the long term.  Tatiana replied. 

‘What are you trying to tell me Titi, that you don’t want what we share to be long term? Frank queried obviously displeased at Tatiana’s utterances about the beautiful relationship they shared. 

‘I love you Titi and I can’t let go’. Frank said abruptly when he wasn’t getting any response from Tatiana. 

You what frank? Tatiana asked, shocked and overwhelmed all in one but partially happy in her heart which she was trying hard not to show. 

‘You know I am married with kids and I love my husband. You can’t love me; you should love your wife.  Tatiana said walking away to the bathroom to regain her composure the confession from frank had done to her.  

‘Frank remember our kids are friends, do you want them to be disappointed in us? I particularly can’t face Amanda if she finds out Tatiana said whilst walking back into the room. 

‘Fuck the kid’s Titi, fuck everybody, fuck what they think, I have fallen in love with you. I can’t help to see you walk out of my life like that. Frank said helplessly which kind of struck a chord in Tatiana’s heart. 

‘Then you are going to see me walk if you don’t stop these obsessions and all. Tatiana said even though she really didn’t want to say that to him.  


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