‘You ignore your wife and responsibilities of showing her love’. It’s all really not fair to her and your children Tatiana said. 

‘Is that what you want Titi, for me to pay attention to her and have sex with her?. Frank said looking into the eyes of the woman he had grown to fall in love with over the months when his wife had grown cold. Initially it was just a fling, she was lonely so was he also lonely from his wife who was always, moody. With Titi even though she was married, they click on every level, the shared almost the same interest and loved the same things they had travelled together and had lots of fun and oh the sex, it was just bomb, like  he was young boy again, the role play, the different locations, it was all just overwhelming. And her body was just perfect; you wouldn’t even believe he had even had kids unlike her wife who really cared less about her looks. She was mostly withdrawn, they don’t share the same interests and barely have conversations, he doesn’t remember the last time they had sex cause she as always was boring, with her always asking if he was don, just a great turn off.  

No adventure. Sometimes he wonders if he was the girl he had fallen in love with on campus but the woman he is living with now has changed completely. Moody, emotional and depression, he wasn’t ready for all those kind of stuff and as time went on he had been withdrawn from his family   but with Titi he was like the young boy in his early twenties. Damn she can’t just let her go, he was already in love, even though he knew it was a dangerous thing especially with the kind of man she was married, to, rich, ruthless, has all the connections and doesn’t play with his wife. If her husband is to find out he will lose his life in like a day from his job to everything but he was prepared to play with fire. He had tasted that thing that makes that makes a man want more and he wouldn’t let go.  

‘Titi, look in my eye and tell me you don’t love me’. Frank said as Titi sat on the edge of the bed. It was obvious through her actions she was confused, he knows she loves him.  

‘Don’t be crazy frank I have husband, even if I love you it doesn’t matter, you could lose your life you know, and I font want to be the reason for that.  Titi said rather calmly when she knew she should have at least been a little harsh. She knew well she was playing a dangerous game. 

‘So you do have feeling s for me Titi?  Frank asked rhetorically. 

‘That all I want to know, that is the motivation I want to know. I could fight for you because I know you love me. 

Frank said happily as he went near to where Tatiana was sitting at the edge of the bed.  

‘Man you are so stubborn’. You will fight for me?  Tatiana said more to herself than to frank. Why are you so sweet and make my knees weak and not being able to stand by my decisions frank. You know we are playing a dangerous game. She said directed at frank. 

Frank wrapped his hands around her body and whispered; ‘I love you, you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. 

Titi kept thinking. What if her husband finds out, he could kill them both, what was she supposed to do, she had fallen for her daughter best friend father.omg this is crazy, he treats her well unlike her husband who just doesn’t pay much detail to her except with money but with frank, he  makes her feel like a queen.  


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