‘Am scared frank she whispered as frank kissed her on her neck. ‘Don’t be baby, everything is just going to be fine, trust me and let live in the moment. And then there was the kiss that makes her crazy as she kissed him back. 

‘Hey guys it’s almost seven pm let’s get ready and go’. The madam should be waiting by now, Amanda said.  

‘But what should I wear guys’ asked Ellen. A jersey or? 

‘just wear your check uniform, its more formal as we don’t know what she is going to talk about and it better to be in the safe zone’ Priscilla said.  

‘Hey Linda, why are you sitting there unbothered? Amanda asked. ‘You don’t want to go with us?  

‘I was thinking about not going. Linda answered to the shock of her on looking friends. ‘Seriously guys don’t you think she might be a lesbian? Like seriously just think about it you guys.  

‘Stop it Linda veronica said as she reached for her ironed check on the hanger, why do you always read meaning into things and just create your own ideas and draw conclusions. It’s just unhealthy and frankly I don’t like that negativity. Veronica replied shutting down Linda remarks about a nice offer from the housemistress. 

‘Stop thinking about those stuff Linda, just think about going to meet her to ascertain whether she is a lesbian as you think or a completely different person. Ellen said in efforts to lift up Ellen’s spirit which seemed damped by the rebuke from veronica. 

‘I find her lovely and I was thinking you will do too. Ellen ended.  

‘I do find her lovely but just trying to be on the safe side.’ Linda said. 

‘Well the safe side is, even if she is lesbian, she can’t have sex with all of us, Amanda explained. Think of the positive side, this naive part of you sometimes is such a bother.  Amanda ended. She didn’t like the fact that Linda always had something to say about anything. Yes she knows she grew up in the rural setting but must she be such a turn off for fun every day and time? 

‘Finally somebody sees eye to eye with me on this Linda negativity’. Priscilla said.  

‘Well stop it guys, not again this evening. Veronica said in authority. Aren’t you anxious at what the madam is going to talk about? Let’s not start a new battle which will take hours to settle between us. 

‘ Linda be a good girl and wear your dress, you can’t opt out of this cause she saw you with us, after this encounter if you don’t want to be friends no more the exit door will always be opened. Nobody is forcing you; always remember that’. Veronica added not giving a care about how Linda will feel about her comment and left the room.  

Ellen who felt the remark was hard on Linda, went o sit beside her on the bunk bed, trying to calm her and tell her veronica dint mean what she said and will always be a friend. Linda just picked her check and wore it because she knew if she spoke then, tears will fall out and she was trying to be strong especially with Priscilla around who obviously didn’t like her. 

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