Linda felt bad she couldn’t answer Ellen who has always been so kind to her offering a shoulder to lean on when the others are being nasty to her and all. She made it a point to talk to her maybe after she was emotionally stable.  

‘Hey guys, let’s get going it almost the seven pm mark which was scheduled for our little meeting. Priscilla said. 

‘Sure let’s go besides we don’t know what she is going to say and delaying could get us in trouble.  Amanda said as she dropped the brush she was using in brushing her hair in the basket she keeps her cosmetics. 

‘Yeah, let’s go guys’ we are all down, Ellen said as she cast looks around at her friends who appeared ready. 

Together the five friends made their way towards the housemistress bungalow which was like four kilometres from their dormitory. They realised how deserted the campus was with most of the students who had opted to stay behind, going off to town and only returning at night to seep and some not coming at all. It was rumoured most of the girls had male boyfriends whom they were dating and spend time with them outside campus. They passed the store room which was like two meter from the bungalow. No student has ever personally gone to the house mistress apartment. It was only a handful of third years and second years. When you have a problem to talk to the housemistress, you report at her office not her bungalow and everybody knows that rule so being invited feels like a lot of things for this friends. 

‘Hey guys hurry up so we go together’ Amanda shouted back at Linda and Ellen who happen to be far behind them. They couldn’t leave them lurking behind. 

‘Hey guys wait up so we go together you can’t just go ahead and leave them behind’.  Amanda shouted at Priscilla and veronica who had taken the lead when she had stopped to call on Ellen and Linda to hurry up. 

‘Not again! Priscilla said, ‘Linda is such a cry baby sometimes I don’t know why Ellen tolerates her’.  

‘Well Ellen is really emotional and compassionate that’s why she has a soft spot for her’ veronica said as she stopped to stand beside Priscilla  

‘Not really guys Amanda said as when walked towards them and caught the last snippet of veronicas comment over her friend, ‘Ellen felt left out when we were in high school and I was her only friend. I feel she kind of feels attached to Linda because she experienced the same thing in high school aside that nothing. Amanda explained. Ellen is really tough than you can imagine guys, take it from me.  

‘Hey what you guys talking about without us? Ellen said as the got to her friends who were waiting for them to catch up. 

‘Nothing really Amanda said I was just telling Priscilla to act nice towards Linda and treats her like a little sister. Amanda continued whilst casting a look at Priscilla who was reluctant to smile. 

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