If not for the pinch from veronica that stood close to her she wouldn’t have apologised. 

‘I am sorry Linda’ Priscilla said, but sometimes you can be a pain you know, and I don’t like pain as my friend. Priscilla added lamely. 

‘Be nice Priscilla’ Amanda said,  

‘But I was nice’. Priscilla replied.  

‘Leave her alone Amanda, Linda admonished, I understand, I know myself and I know sometimes am a kill joy. It’s my fault and not hers.  Linda explained to her friends.  

She tried hard to say after Ellen had told her on the way up to act like it was fine.  

‘Ok then I guesses everything is settled then’. Veronica who was impatient said to her friends who stood.’ Chap lets go and not keep the housemistress waiting and the mystery lurking on our minds. Now let’s take a breather in and out before the sentencing at the next turn. Veronica said amusingly to calm down the obvious tension between Linda and Priscilla. They all burst out laughing at the joke and went ahead to the bungalow. 

They turned left to the bungalow which sitting on its own with its back facing campus and from facing a garden that is well pruned laced with flowers. Standing there, you could see the town lying below as the school was on a hill. The view from up there and those lights below it, it was just breathtaking as they all stood watching. They were so lost in the view that they forget their mission till they heard the house mistress how had come to stand by them and cleared her throat to get their attention which was lost in the view. They all turned to look at the housemistress that stood beside them in the all black outfit. They didn’t know how to act or what to say but the headmistress kept looking at the view till Ellen talked.  

‘Sorry ma’am we just got here and the view was beautiful so we stood to watch we didn’t mean to keep you waiting, sorry ‘. The house mistress who had turned to face them now just smiled and looked at the five girls whom she has been waiting for, it seemed as if they had dressed up really well, like a first school day and it make her giggle. It was obvious they didn’t know what they should expect from her and she felt she had to set them on a light and friendly toe so they could trust her and she would be able to see their weakness and lure them in.  

‘No need to be apologetic girls’, she replied; the view is nice and most people who visit me are always caught by it beauty and stand to observe it. ‘It’s not really your fault lets go in.  

The girls who didn’t know what to say as they didn’t understand why really the madam was nice to them just kept quiet.  

‘I have been waiting for you and for a moment I thought you girls wouldn’t show up ‘Clara said as she smiled to herself without the girls noticing. she knew there was no way they would say they wouldn’t report after all she was the housemistress and wielded more power in the school them anybody else but she was just trying to be sure they feel her authority over them. 

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