‘Oh madam, we couldn’t have said we will never come, we were just delayed by little things and we are sorry’ Amanda replied as she hurried up to be beside the madam who was leading the way. Like every day the housemistress just looked majestic and she liked it.  She was in simple black dress which was off shoulder showing her rich black skin and her legs. Her makeup was so simple and yet so beautiful with the black lipstick. She had this black high heel on and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun showing off her face. Herr Stockings was just as sexy as the mascara she had used to highlight her eyes. It was an all black affair for the stunning housemistress tonight and Amanda simply loved it. Ever since they meet her that morning, she had fantasised over being her favourite and if there was a time this was now. Clara who had noticed how Amanda had run to her was quiet impressed she knew she will be the easiest to recruit. 


‘Little things? Clara said. ‘What are those little things? Clara asked as she thought was a best way to start a conversation. Amanda who was hesitant on what to say just kept quiet thinking of the right thing to say than not mentioning the Linda drama.  

‘Well ma’am just getting ready to come here’. Amanda replied. Clara immediately knew she wasn’t telling all the truth, and she knew she will find out. 

By now she had led them through a magnificent porch to her sitting room which over looked the dining hall. It was all so exquisite and lavish; from the white painted walls, to the cosy sofas to the white carpet. It was all so beautiful. Clara had photographs of her adjourning her walls. Nobody would have thought a housemistress with a meagre salary could afford such expensive interiors. The girls just cast looks around and had the very first impression every girl that walked through her door has, who is this woman and what did she really do. It was a palace as she had expensive taste. The girls who were caught by the beauty of the room didn’t quiet hear the headmistress talk as they were caught in the moment .they had never seen a room so beautiful even though some of them were coming from rich homes. Their parents didn’t have such beautiful decor in their house; they only saw this in the movies of expensive people. They were more than impressed. Clara just watched the girls, she was glad the impact had started on them especially the short girl among them, oh she forgot her name. It seemed like she was really the one who was really taken aback more than the others.  

‘Hey girls have a seat she said pointing to the sofa. The girls walked to the sofa and sat again overwhelmed by how soft it felt and the smell. It was just like paradise. There was a dining hall and a kitchen adjourning the sitting room and it all was so polished and exquisite. They didn’t say anything to each other as the madam walked to the kitchen and her stilettos echoed on the marble floor. They were still looking around when the madam came with cans of drinks just like the one Priscilla had brought and the seniors had seized. She set down the tray on the table and said ‘here you are girls’. They were all reluctant to take it till she asked, ‘why aren’t you drinking?  

‘Well madam, it contains alcohol’.  Amanda offered to say. 

‘Nonsense! I know it contains alcohol’, Clara said. ‘You shouldn’t be scared when you are with the one who made the rules’. Just drink up girls, today you going to have some fun with me’. Clara said to make them at home. 

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