The girls reached up for the drink and opened to have a sip even Ellen opened except Linda who just held the can. She was trying to be cautious, what if she gets them drunk and the housemistress rapes them like she thought. The housemistress noticed the short girls not drinking but knew she will get her in the mood soon. As she sat in the single sofa in front of them she knew they were intimidated by her.  

‘Welcome girls to my house’.  Clara said. 

‘Thanks madam’ they said together.  

‘You know I kind of missed up your names’ Clara began talking to see if she could recall their names correctly; Your are Amanda she said as she started pointing from Amanda  who nodded, Priscilla, Vero right who also nodded and Ellen who smiled and err….. I think am stuck on that one she said as he got to Linda,  

‘Linda ma’am’.  She mumbled trying to avoid eye contact with housemistress. 

‘ Oh I think I did well remembering four names so I will have to keep this in my mind so I don’t forget next time, Clara  said as she smiled slyly at the five pairs of eyes staring at her from her sofa. They look so innocent she thought.  

‘So you girls might be wondering why I called you here tonight and you may be thinking I want to punish you that is why you all seem tensed up. I noticed it right at the entrance. Clara began addressing who sat quietly listening to her speak.   

‘Girls I want you to know I am not going to punish you or anything’, I just want to be a friend, like a mother here, and a leader. Clara said, but realised at the mention of mother the girls composure changed and tried to rephrase the term mother to gain their interest again. 

‘Not a mother who is going to nag you like your parents in your homes do, she  said as she smiled and continued but a different kind of mother you will understand but briefly the kind of cool mother who wouldn’t restrict you  on things and allow you be you. So as a mother I will like to know all about you girls. Everything from your family at home any problems and all just tell me and I will listen.  Clara said smiled.  

The girls who were quiet just sat nobody ready to talk first. She knew still the girls were scared of speaking and the atmosphere was tensed like any new girls she tried to recruit and she just knows how to get them in the mood.  

‘So tell me Linda, you don’t drink? I see you haven’t touched your drink since I gave you. ‘Err madam I drink’ Linda replied 

‘So why are not drinking? Is there anything you not telling me why you aren’t drinking? Clara asked. 

‘Not really ma’am, I get drunk easily and don’t want o be drunk. Linda explained expecting to convince the housemistress. 

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