‘You ignore your wife and responsibilities of showing her love’. It’s all really not fair to her and your children Tatiana said.  ‘Is that what you want Titi, for me to pay attention to her and have sex with her?. Frank said looking into the eyes of the woman he had grown to fall in love with over the months when his wife had … Continue reading CHAPTER 40


39  ‘You know frank; I think we should stop seeing each other for some time. Tatiana said  ‘It seems my daughters are suspecting me and my husband will be coming home for the Christmas holidays I don’t want to create any room for suspicion especially with the late night meetings. If Howard finds out am cheating on him with you it could be a lot of … Continue reading CHAPTER 39


  . Don’t judge her from growing up in a conservative society.  ‘Alright guys, cut it out .veronica said wielding some sort of maturity. It’s almost sundown and we have to prepare and meet the housemistress than standing here doing nothing after spending the whole day roasting stolen maize.  They all burst out laughing again. … Continue reading CHAPTER 38


‘I will see you the evening girls’, Clara said as she walked off.  The girls were speechless when she had left. When they were sure the madam was out of ear shot they all started speaking at once and burst out laughing till it was all quiet.  ‘I thought she was actually going to punish us or skin us alive’.  Ellen said. I … Continue reading CHAPTER 37


‘You want to know right?   Clara asked obviously pleased at the impact she was having on the girls with her little tricks of mind games and what have you. That’s what she is good at.  She never states her intent in the beginning to let you go away if you not interested. She starts from … Continue reading CHAPTER 36