Three days after he came to me again, for another painful sexual session. I have just recovered from the previous one and I was scared I would be bruised for the second time and I couldn’t handle it. It was a little after midnight when I heard the door open from outside and I knew … Continue reading TORTURE


He pinned me down and I tried screaming whilst he blocked my mouth with his hands which I bit on his fingers. He gave me a dirty slap which made me quiet. I didn’t fight back I will obviously be overpowered; I just wanted him to be over and done with. He raised my dress … Continue reading RAPE 2


It was already sundown when Alice finished showing me around and I was already hungry. I cooked yam and oil as I always did with mum and I couldn’t eat satisfactory as I missed her. Later in the evening I sat at the front side of my hut engrossed in my thought and surveyed the … Continue reading RAPE


I went outside a few minutes after Alice, I realized all eyes were on me from the direction of the crowd sitting under the tree I saw through my door earlier. I didn’t see Mr. Kunle amongst them and I was heavily relieved. I wasn’t ready to see that smile on his face just again. … Continue reading ALICE 2


The youngest wife name  Alice and she was from the next village. She was married off to Mr. Kunle when she was 11 years by her father who used her bride price to renovate their family house and acquire a land which they use for faming to feed her family. She said ’I am happy … Continue reading ALICE