It was 2am in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. It’s already been three days I have avoided rapheals calls as I haven’t arrived at a concrete decision yet. I wondered how my parents will feel if they ever find out I was pretending to date Rapheal but I realised it will be a big advantage to me if I do agree to his offer as it may stop mum from lecturing me of bringing a boyfriend home when I aren’t yet ready. Reaching for my phone I scrolled through the countless messages I received from Rapheal and replied ‘Hey when do we start our fake relationship?’                           I barely placed the phone on the side table beside me when I heard the message tone peep; reaching out for it wondering who it was at that time. I was surprised to see it was from rapheal in reply to my message ’tomorrow’ with the emoji sign  of smiley face beside it. I chuckled to myself reluctant to reply and lay down to sleep.        The next day after work, I wasn’t surprised to see him waiting for me at my parking lot, I didn’t argue and  didn’t resist when he gave me a hug and sat in his car as he drove me home. It continued like that for a couple of months, picking me up from work, going to church, family functions and dinners together for his sake. It became a talk among the neighbours and as other people were happy about it, others were angry as most of the girls had eyes for Rapheal. Both his parents and mine were extremely happy about the development and every chance he got he bought me a present. I got carried away by his constant attention and care that I couldn’t imagine him been the cheeky boy I hated so much. He had an eye for details and a little sweetness to him which obviously was every ladies dream in a guy. He knew every little thing about a woman to my shock and knew the right words to say at the right time which make me get drawn to him. But all those feelings were kept in check not to ruin a perfect friendship that was developing. If he was trying to make me fall in love with him, he was obviously doing it right and I low key enjoyed it. 

I started observing an awkward atmosphere with rapheal as I visited his apartment occasionally.  There was a boy rapheal introduced me to as his course mate and best friend. Well maybe he didn’t like me as he always gave me attitude anytime I visit and he was always there. He acted, behaved and talked like a girl running to the door to hug rapheal and hitting his buttocks in front of me which he was of course was uncomfortable with. He acted like he owned rapheal and always threw me a dirty look when he opens the door to see me. Rapheal told me he was jovial and shouldn’t read meaning into his behaviour but I didn’t see it that way and always felt suspicious but I kept it in the lows. I kept thinking if rapheal was gay  which wouldn’t have been a problem for me based on his friends actions but I immediately deserted it as to the way he carried himself and how he was religiously devoted. But I was yet to find out the shock of my life. 


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