There was Chris,Rapheal claimed course mate bent over on the edge of the my voice.
chris looked indiffernt about me finding out and seemed happy with grins which made his eyes tinkled
‘it about time you see him for who is though, am tired of acting straight in front of you’. he said ‘shut up chris’ rapheal managed to reply
‘oh you are afraid katie will tell your strict father and the perfect son reputition wouod be ruined huh?’ chippedin chris .rapheal was quiet after.
it felt like a scene from a movie and i felt i had had my feel that I immediately run out going straight home choosing to not believe what i saw bu those pictures kept repeating itself in my mind like a rewind.
Rapheal kept calling my phone the days that followed with millions of text messages pleading for a meeting and a talk with me. it wasnt that i judged him for being gay but i just didnt see it coming, especially from him as he preached at youth meetings against it and with him doing exactly opposite was hypocritical. i didnt know how to look at him in the face without feeling anger at him fo not telling me the truth. my mom began to suspect there was something wrong as she hadnt seen us together for a week and started asking questions which made me as uncomfortable at usual.not only did she notice but rapheals mother too calling my phone excessively which was even more depressing asi didnt know what exactly to tell them or just confess he is gay.but decided against was christmas on a friday night when i closed from work and i decided to send rapheal a message to hear what he has to say.
‘ hey you wanna meet up’i texted.within minutes was a reply from Rapheal
‘ sure,can we meet at the beach near your house?.i just replied
‘ok t 7pm’. i didnt know how to act when i see him and immediately regretted sending the message but i just wanted to hear what he had to say.

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