it was 30 minutes past the agreed time when i summoned the courage to go.he had texted me earlier he was there and it seemed he was eager and nervous to see i near the bench i saw him sitting on the bench with his head bowed and i instantly felt sorry fo him.i knew he heard i was approaching but it seems he was ashamed to look up to my face and i wasnt expecting him to look up at me either as i dont know the expression to meet him with. will it be anger,or with judgement? i didnt want to scare my friend. i sat down on the log a few inches apart and we were silent for a long time i could imagine.i didnt know what to ask and am sure he didnt know what to say either.he kept sighing till i asked
‘rapheal you can tell everything, i wouldnt judge you’
he sighned again and hesitant to talk.
‘how long have you been gay ‘ i asked regretting the very moment the words came outof my mouth and was suprised to hear him answer.
‘since boarding house’he replied without looking up.
‘and how long have you know your prefered men? i asked
‘since i was 8 but i tried to hid it since i felt it was weird and i thought i was the only one but when i went to school i realised there were people like me’. he explained still with his head bent down.
‘ i met chris in law school and we have been dating fo over a month,nobody knows this; if my parents find out my father will be devastated since he makes me preach againy it and says people who are gay are sons and daughters of the devil’.he said
‘please dont tellmy parents aboutit,please’ he looked at me for the first time since i got there with tears in his eyes.
my heart went out to him and hugged him which made him cry the more.i f elt sorry for the boy who cant be who he is due to his father and the s0ocirty he grew up in and asssured him of my strength.
‘if i would tell them i would have a long time ago’.
‘i dont despise you Raphel ,who am i to judge you on whats right and whats not? ‘evrybody is just and we have the right to choose whomever we want to date or be with’ your secret is safe with me’ i assured.
he must not have expected that from me as he stared cry again hugging me and whispering how grateful he is and how he felt ashamed coming to meet me. all i cold do was hug him back even thugh i wasnt sure if sutpporting him was the righ thing to do.
when he had calmed out.i asked him that one question which has been bothering my mind since ihis revelation that night
‘you know your parents will force you to marry, what are you going to do about that?.there was an awkaward silence after before he answered;
‘i was planning with chris to leave here immediately i finish law school before anyone finds out’
‘ohk Rapheal your secret is safe with me’ i assured him.
walking back home,i felt sorry for him for not being who he is but wanting to please his parents. i kept wondering how his father will feel when he realise his only son has left the village. at least it was better than the humilation tje family will face if anyone knows.when i got to the front door of our house,there was mother waiting for me.
‘where have you been dear is too late for youto be outside’. she asked
i went to meet Rapheal.i said to get her off my back.

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