This has been like a really sensitive topic for people to talk about due to the rate of suicides. Mental health is like really high in men than in women as they keep it all in as they are told not to be a bitch and shut up. I have met people battling with mental health for as long as I could remember and I personally haven’t been the sane person either.

From depression to anxiety to having suicidal thoughts, trust me, I have been there so really to me it isn’t a topic to be played with. Being mentally unstable has got to do with a lot of things. Things bottled up and we couldn’t find the right explanation for. Things that we felt if we talk about others will not fully understand.. take it from me, I have been there and out.

I have dated someone who was suffering from mental health and me being a patient had to be a stronger person for him cause I don’t take pills for them he does.

Sometimes it’s hard being strong for other people when you aren’t mentally stable yourself but really it’s worth the sacrifice. And my should I talk about the highs and lows. There were times when he felt weird and wanted to be alone. Sometimes he cried and sometimes he was extremely happy but I was like this constant rock who adapted.

I was the person no one was there for to bitch about how depressed I was or how suicidal I felt but coming from an angle of him being a man , I looked at it in a different way. Cause society always wanted men to be the stronger species.. the alpha who leads the pack and arent supposed to show emotions.

Sometimes I may be too selfless for my own good being that kind of person people are not to me but really when someone is dealing with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts , I don’t really play with it. The last thing i want is someone I know mutually, committing suicide which will leave me with this guilt feeling that I could have helped but I didn’t.

I think it’s time we told men to let it all out instead of telling them to keep it in cause a man isn’t supposed to show emotions.
Maybe if we do that suicide rates, depression and anxiety could decrease drastically.

Ask a male friend, a brother a husband if they really are ok up there and that if there is something they wanna talk about. If something is depressing them.

I know some men are too proud to talk about it or maybe worried they might be judged but leave the option open that you won’t judge them and that you care and always be ready to listen when they are ready to open up and you are prepared to go down that lane with them.

I think by dat you have given someone the option of talking about it instead of keeping it in and going down the road of suicide and that you actually do care and want to share in the their troubles . And that I think, is doing good.

Have you ever battled with mental health? Do you know a friend battling with mental health? Let me know in comments down below.

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