ME 2

Most men in my society were intimidated by the doctor and said she was cursed not to be married and have children at her age thereby they avoid the hospital even when they are seriously sick since they will be treated by her. My entire village knows is a lady should get married and have lots of children been submissive to her husband and such jobs are for men.

Here you can dream as it will be shut down the very first day you start dreaming. Most of them who avoid the hospital end up dying at home with their old and quack way of administrating cure and healthcare. One such person was stubborn father who when he got bitten by a snake, tied up his legs and applied herbs to it himself.

Even the next day when his temperature was extremely high and mama suggested the hospital, he shouted her down on his sick-bed saying he will die with honor than go to the lady doctor who has no husband. Mama kept quiet over it as she didn’t want to upset father. Poor mama I always watched her quiver around father, she was intimidated by him.

She was only 36yrs and she already looked like an old lady with three teeth already fallen out and the others discolored. She was married off to father at a tender age when he already had three wives and she was the fourth. She only had me for dad after a difficult and traumatizing childbirth which injured her womb and her inability to have more kids. The rest of my siblings are from my other step mothers who were very old and lived in their own huts next to mum and me.

Our house was located in the center of the town which had seven rooms made of mud and thatched with palm fronds built-in a circular motion where there is a big compound in the middle. Each of my three-step mothers are entitled to a room ,my step brothers had their own room same as father and I shared a room with mama and a kitchen commonly shared among us as family.

Our house was close to the community center where cultural events are mostly organised on special dates set aside to appreciate our ancestors who even dead play a major influence in some decision-making and I found it absurd as my teacher always says the world has advanced but my community hasn’t due to high rates of illiteracy…..well I dared not say this to the hearing of dad as he will stop me from going to the school forever.

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